How do you write an airbnb host review?


When a guest checks out of a vacation rental on Airbnb, they write a reviews about the owner & about the place they stayed in. Likewise, the host writes a review about their guest after they have departed.

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Many hospitality businesses fall short of their competition for a simple reason: they don’t have nhận xét. As more travelers than ever are taking the time to research & read Review of accommodation before booking, vacation rental owners can’t afford to lớn miss out.

Both host Đánh Giá và traveler Review are very important – they can help make the difference between securing a booking và the guest looking elsewhere.

At times it can be a bit difficult khổng lồ come up with a new đánh giá for each guest, especially if you rent regularly. That’s why we’ve put together 101 examples to lớn help you review your guests:

In this article, we’re going to take a look at why Airbnb guest Reviews are important, how lớn write them & what lớn bởi if you manage your vacation rental remotely. We’ll also provide you a few examples included in the 101 Airbnb guest review examples.

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1. Why are Airbnb review Important?
2. How to Write a Reviews for a Guest on Airbnb
3. Airbnb Guest nhận xét Guidelines
4. How Can I Write a đánh giá if I Manage the Property Long-Distance?
5. Airbnb Guest reviews Examples

Why are Airbnb review Important?


If you are foreseeing a long-distance rental property, you should still write a guest nhận xét on Airbnb. If you have sầu a property manager, ask them khổng lồ give you feedbachồng after your guests have sầu departed. You can also ask them to lớn use an inventory checkdanh sách to lớn make sure everything was left in place & intact. If you have a good relationship with your neighbors, ask them if the renters were noisy.

Your Reviews doesn’t necessarily have to lớn be a lengthy one, it could also just be a response khổng lồ a visitor’s đánh giá and a way of saying “thank you” for choosing your rental.

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Airbnb Guest nhận xét Examples

Here are just some of the examples included in the 101 Airbnb guest nhận xét examples:

(guests name) was a pleasure to lớn host! They left the place clean và were quiet throughout the weekover. We had great liên hệ và I look forward khổng lồ having them stay with me again!I loved having (guest name) because they were able khổng lồ treat the place with respect, have a great time and enjoy the area. They were awesome with renting the space và I hope I get to host them again.All of my house rules were respected with (guest name) và they were able to come and go with ease. I loved having them there as they were respectful & quiet. I highly recommover them khổng lồ others! (Names) were absolutely wonderful guests to host. I just knew that my trang chính was in good hands with them. Thank you for staying at (name of property)! (Name) và his/her boyfriend/girlfrikết thúc were brilliant guests! A friendly & polite couple who know how to take great care of other people’s property. I would most certainly host them again and similarly would recommkết thúc them lớn other hosts.

These samples will help you Đánh Giá your guests. Airbnb guests reviews will not only help you và other landlords khổng lồ better evaluate potential guests, but also it will bring you more traffic in the long run. Build your online Airbnb host reputation và download the 101 Airbnb guest Đánh Giá examples below.