While I don"t deny the educational aspect of the show (it"s not always 100% accurate but it does help with a basic understanding of STEM topics.) The biggest (and honestly worst) lesson my daughter picked up from this show is to vày with the idea of good & bad. The show"s protagonist ALWAYS wins. No matter what the situation or race or whatever, Blaze ALWAYS wins. This constant example the show portrays means that kids will make the unhealthy association of "Winner = Good, Loser = Bad" & also turns Blaze into an unlikeable Gary Stu. While it"s great that exposes kids to lớn STEM subjects, the moral dilemmas the show creates is just not worth it.

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Um. Sure. Ok. Let’s blaze! Clearly, that was the battle cry for the writers, who were obviously blazing when they wrote these scripts. Seriously, the MOST common meaning of this phrase, used throughout the show, is … yeh … you guessed it—lets Smoke weed. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I enjoy Tom Petty’s music as much as the next guy. But as the mantra for a show aimed at kids 3 to about 6 or 7?I suppose that it’s a bit funny, really, but the writing reflects the mantra. If you’re blazing while watching, it might be tolerable. If not, we’ll, you will feel the IQ points draining away.
This show is so messed up. It has no point. I mean, look at other shows like Dora & Team Umizoomi. They have some educational value; in Dora, she teaches story telling and spanish and in team umizoomi they teach math, but in this, they just ask random questions like "where the glue?"

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My baby loves this show it teaches math and science it is a kid safe show it shows kids to lớn never give up sure it might be cars. But you don"t have to lớn pay for it so what is the big deal?

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The show is good at teaching children about math, science and improving ingenuity but how sure are we about the morals that it teaches? Crusher is supposed to lớn be the main bad guy. He thinks lượt thích a child that wants this & that & also wants lớn show off but lacks the mental capability lớn think most things through kinda like a child. Blaze on the other hand is a helpful và mature guy. So why is Blaze always trying lớn compete with everyone. For example there was a race for animals, in that episode he transformed into an a Lion just khổng lồ participate in the Animal Land race. Isn"t that a bit unfair? He isn"t really an animal is he? He undoubtedly had the advantage when it comes lớn intellect and hardware và I"m not even talking about his Blazing Engine or as I love to điện thoại tư vấn it his Cheating engine. He was built as a racing machine & the others were just normal animals and when the going gets tough he uses his blazing engine lớn magically give him and his friends super speed. This would be okay if it was just them và crusher racing, but remember there are other non special competitors in those race that they"re competing in. So really how is he not a cheater too!?