Yves rocher white botanical exceptional hydrating cream

Last month I got an thư điện tử from the very lovely Yves Rocher truyền bá people detailing some new (and really innovative) products (stay tuned!) I submitted my request for a few items, but opted khổng lồ skip one, as I"m kind of up to my eyeballs in skin care at the moment. That one hàng hóa I was so willing to overlook? A new addition lớn the trắng Botanical range, Yves Rocher trắng Botanical Exceptional Hydrating Cream. I am so happy it was included anyway, because it just happens khổng lồ be my new favourite moisturizer. Clearly their quảng cáo knows what"s up with Yves Rocher products. Want lớn know more? You know what lớn do...

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Yves Rocher white Botanical Exceptional Hydrating Cream* 50 ml $37 USD / $47 CAD
"Scars, sun damage... Hyperpigmentation affects many women of all ages.Discover the extraordinary brightening power of Licorice in the Exceptional Hydrating Cream of the trắng Botanical brand. Its whipped cream texture melts on the skin, immediately moisturizes và brightens it. Day after day, it reduces the appearance of dark spots and complexion is more uniform."You might know that I"m a total sucker for brightening skin care items, but that"s really just an added bonus with Yves Rocher white Botanical Exceptional Hydrating Cream.

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The day/night cream full bộ thing didn"t really appeal khổng lồ me initially, as most moisturizers either work well for day & aren"t enough for pm, or vice-versa, và are too rich for day but perfect for night. This has the perfect balance of hydration for my skin for night và day. It"s not heavy, yet hydrates well and leaves skin feeling instantly softer.The texture really makes it special, as it has a creamy, whipped texture that is so soft và silky, but light. It"s been really warm lately (duh, it"s summer...) & with the heat I get that feeling of not wanting anything heavy or clingy on my skin, but this retains it"s light feel và absorbs cleanly. It wears particularly well under makeup as it smooths skin, keeps it hydrated all day, but doesn"t get oily. Overall, this is a must have moisturizer for me. I"ve been using it for a couple of weeks now, but I"m not so sure I"ve seen much of a difference in terms of skin tone and dark spots, but as mentioned, I love this enough lớn overlook that. Although, as most products that brighten, time tends to yield the best results, so I could see a change with continued use. Are you a tín đồ of duo day & night creams? Tried this?