The Archer C7 V2 is a great value overall và has all the basic features the majority of people will actually use, and then some. That includes Gigabit Ethernet, a couple of USB 2.0 ports for basic NAS capabilities, parental controls, guest networks, & a utilitarian (read: not the prettiest, but gets the job done) web interface.

Reviewers Liked

Extremely affordableFlash memory capacity increased from 8 MB lớn 16 MBSturdy external antennasTop ranked 5 GHz rangeGigabit wirespeed routingGuest network bandwidth controls

Reviewers Didn"t Like

Limited wireless settingsOnly OK throughputSubpar performance on the 2.4-GHz bandMedia serving isn"t great is supported by its audience. We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. Learn more here.

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By Play3ron March 18, 201686The TP-Link is a high over router with matching high end performance & given the results in the above đánh giá, the AC1750 deserves nothing short of the performance award. If you have sầu a budget of around £110 and are looking for a router lớn either exp& or simply tăng cấp your wireless network, the TP-Link AC1750 should be somewhere at the top of your menu.

By Tom"s Guideon December 17, 201570

TP-Link"s Archer C7 delivers a lot of router for the money, with reasonable performance and the ability lớn connect peripherals.

By GadgetSpeakon March 22, 201588

The Archer C7 has the required performance khổng lồ enable users lớn interconnect their PC, their smart TV và other devices as well as using the USB ports to nói qua a local printer as well as files of all sorts with networked devices or remotely via a FTPhường VPS. In addition, as it has a wide range of features including IPv6 tư vấn it provides a reasonable degree of future-proofing.

By HardwareHeavenon November 03, 201485

For performance, we found no issues with the AC1750 rated Archer C7 and it offered similar signal strength to lớn competing parts from the likes of Netgear. Four GB LAN ports mean plenty of fast connectivity for wired users & this could of course be expanded round our location using TP-LINKs powerline kit. We also noted that during our time testing (with the lakiểm tra firmware) the Archer C7 we had no down time, or need to lớn reboot the router. It was completely stable which is always good lớn see.

By Good Gear Guideon July 10, 201480

We"ve sầu long been fans of TP-Link modems và routers, mainly because they are just reliable. The Archer D7 didn"t let us down in this respect. It kept an Internet connection alive sầu throughout our long thử nghiệm period, & its 802.11ac performance was solid without being blazingly fast. For the price you pay, it"s a sweet khuyễn mãi giảm giá, and a noticeable tăng cấp from 802.11n if you have sầu 802.11ac capable devices khổng lồ connect to it.

By Hardware.Infoon April 14, 201490

Overall, the best routers are the ASUS RT-AC68U, Apple AirPort Extreme, D-Link DIR-868L, & the Netgear R7000 Nighthawk, with Apple"s offering being the faschạy thử in almost every chạy thử. You cannot ignore this router when strictly focusing on performance, và as such, a Hardware.Info Gold Award is appropriate.

By Absolute Gadgeton March 13, 201486

Overall, the router may not look that good, but the price is right for the average buyer looking for high speeds at a reasonable cost.

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By PC Magon January 31, 201460

If you"re looking for an 802.11AC router but aren"t terribly concerned with blazing speed, the Archer C7 is not a bad choice, thanks lớn a reasonable price and very good wireless range.

By TechRadaron December 05, 201380

The average 802.11ac upstream performance we feel is more of a blip for the TP-Link Archer C7, as it"s still more than usable & is providing good lớn excellent downstream speeds, which are really more important. The real win is that you get a top-class dual-band 802.11n router thrown in, which is probably of more immediate help.

By MadShrimpson November 11, 201390

In our Wi-Fi performance tests, we have sầu obtained really good transfer speeds on both 2.4GHz và 5GHz bands but in the same time we have sầu seen that the AC bvà performance can vary depending on the manufacturer and the chipset of the adapter we are working with (as usual, in this area we expect lớn have sầu the best performances with the Wi-Fi adapter coming from the same brand).

By GeekLingoon September 13, 2017

The Archer C7 from TP-Link is a solid piece of gear despite the budget price tag. The installation couldn’t have been easier và the router integrates seamlessly into lớn my current network.

By MoviesGamesAndTechon May 02, 2014

Obviously the wired connection was dominant in speeds but given the testing was done on the 2.4GHz wireless signal, the results speak for themselves; The AC1750 performs brilliantly and there was no issues with cutting out or drop-outs that I sometimes found with my own ISPhường hub.

By SmallNetBuilderon August 22, 2013

That being said, at $99, the Archer C7 V2 isn"t a bad way to lớn get your feet wet in AC class wireless networking for small to mid-sized locations. And if you already have sầu a V1 and lượt thích it, there"s no reason to lớn trade up lớn the V2. Save your money for the Broadcom-based Archer C8, which TP-LINK"s site says is "coming soon".

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By profesionalReviews.comon October 13, 201485

Hoy vamos a testear otro de los routers de TP-Link, en este caso el Archer C7, una opción bastante económica para montar una red AC, obtenienvì chưng rendimientos cercanos al cable RJ-45 sobre WiFi 802.11ac 3×3 (1300mbps teóricos). Nos situamos en una gama... : Tech Enthusiasts, Power nguồn Users, Gamers is a registered trademark. About Us Ethics Statement Terms of Use Privacy Policy Change Ad Consent Advertise