Tom Ford Velvet Orchid

Velvet Orchid (Eau de Parfum) is a popular perfume by Tom Ford for women and was released in 2014. The scent is floral-sweet. The longevity is above-average. It is being marketed by Estēe Lauder Companies.

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Hi guys, welcome to lớn one of my latest comments. Today it"s about a fragrance where I had to lớn think twice whether I wanted to thử nghiệm it at all. Because once again it"s about one of those orchid scents by Tom Ford, which all normally smell cruel khổng lồ me. I thought Orchid Soleil was cruel, và Black Orchid is for me the epitome of olfactory death... The scent of death, because it smells so disgusting that you can run away! & now I come to lớn Velvet Orchid. What was I thinking? Of course I feel queasy, because I can almost imagine how things will turn out... It will surely be horrible và I will moan & complain and scold, how one can use such fragrances at all without having masochistic as well as sadistic tendencies... But I vị it as so often only for you, và you are never grateful... Pah! I"ve had the sample for this fragrance for quite a while now, but I"ve been waiting for cooler days, so that I don"t get killed the first time I sniff it, should it smell like black orchid, because this one is really like a chemical bomb, especially in summer, that poisons and extinguishes everything around it. At least the EDP... What the EDT is like, I don"t know... Maybe I should demo it? I don"t know... You"re never grateful anyway, tsss.. All right, then take a deep breath & hold it while I kiểm tra the scent... Whatever that is :D

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The fragrance starts with a slightly sweetish honey scent before the striking & in my opinion quite unusual scent of orchid sets in. This orchid is getting stronger & stronger, so that immediately memories of the plague,... I meant the đen death... Oh you know, I mean black Orchid wake up. Và yes,... In places it smells really horrible just minutes after you put the scent on. The scent of the orchid is not a nice or lovely floral note, it is also not dry & stuffy as flowers can sometimes smell. And it certainly does not smell as sweet and beautiful as jasmine, lily of the valley, iris và such beautiful flowers. It just smells in such a way that all body hairs straighten up, you turn up your nose và want to lớn run away, but that"s not possible, because the scent just sticks to lớn my own arm. Và I can"t wash it away because I"m still in the head note... *sigh* Let"s get on with it... A little later I have lớn admit that the scent improves noticeably and is far from the scent of death. Because now the jasmine and vanilla are really coming into their own and both are killing the cruel orchid :D The jasmine gives the fragrance a nice, sweetish touch, và the vanilla, which also has a stronger aura, makes the fragrance even powdery và thus gentle. Who would have thought that with an orchid scent by Tom Ford? :DD A little later the scent doesn"t smell so bad at all! It still smells of vanilla, which now radiates more strongly than jasmine, and now there are also softer scents like myrrh, and I think I can smell a little leather or at least suede. Of course I still notice the orchids, I really don"t like them, but at least they stay in the background for now. Aaaaaber: In the base, some of these gentle fragrances become much weaker again, so that the orchid then comes lớn the fore again và again và starts khổng lồ stink, well, let"s say: releases its scent. Which of course I don"t lượt thích at all, because its scent really needs getting used to. You ladies will surely lượt thích it, because you are not really ticking, but good... :D All in all a fragrance that starts a little bit gruesome, then even becomes beautiful, but at the over it smells again typically Tom Ford orchid-like, so that for the most part I don"t lượt thích it that much, but at least it is not as bad as the other orchid scents.
The Sillage is strong, not bombastic, but when applied a lot, it fills the room & therefore smells good for a good while. The shelf life is quite long, actually it even lasts the whole day. I could even smell it quite weakly the next morning. The bottle! The bottle is thin & tall & is rounded towards the neck. It"s full of grooves, which gives the bottle a nice look, especially with its beautiful dark purple color. On the front, there"s a gold label with the fragrance"s name. The cap is cylindrical and also grooved lớn match.

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Okay... I have to lớn admit that I"m a little surprised by this scent. Although the top cảnh báo was scary & I was about to run away, the scent developed much better than I expected. At least I liked the middle part, when the beautiful, gentle scents still dominated and the fragrance had a nice sweetness with soft myrrh và powdery vanilla. But then the scent had lớn strike back by letting the sow,... Uh, the skunk out & the orchid, which had disappeared into the background, shine again... Thus I find the smell rather intolerable, it smells simply not good for me và it is none of these smells, which I would lượt thích to smell personally at you ladies, no there I remain rather permanent single *seeeeeeeufz* :DD But still: Surprisingly, the scent did not turn out to lớn be a total catastrophe and therefore smells much better than đen Orchid. In any case, it is best lớn use it in autumn & winter, otherwise it would be too strenuous on warm days. Và as an occasion you could choose things like chase guys away or drive them into despair or... Well... You can use it for whatever you want, but biteable & sexy you are not with this scent, no no no no! Of course this is just my opinion, but I hope that at least somebody will agree with me! Well, that"s it. Have a nice evening & see you next time :)