75% of the Deciem Addicts love it72% say Alpha Arbutin has improved their skin74% will repurchase itScores 4.3/5 on the Deciem websiteHyperpigmentationDark spotsCan be used with everything except The Ordinary Niacinamide Powder due to lớn its pH level.

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The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin đánh giá by the Deciem Addicts and the moderators of the Facebook Group.

What is Alpha Arbutin and what does it do?When & how vì I use Alpha Arbutin?Does Alpha Arbutin have any conflicts?The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin reviews Where khổng lồ buy The Ordinary Alpha ArbutinThe Ordinary Alpha Arbutin giả productsFAQS30ml bottle Price: £7.00 | €8.90 | CA$8.90 | AU$14.90 |US$8.90

What is Alpha Arbutin & what does it do?

Deciem says: Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA is our well-loved & well-known concentrated serum working lớn reduce the appearance of dark spots và uneven skin tone. Our Alpha Arbutin is biosynthetic, which is a complicated way lớn say that sciency-and-complex multi-step processes are involved in deriving the molecule from nature.

It’s used at a high 2% concentration and is supported with a next-generation khung of Hyaluronic Acid for enhanced skin delivery. Alpha Arbutin is extremely sensitive to degradation in the presence of water if the pH of the formulation is not ideal. ⁣⁣⁣⁣The pH of this formula is approximately 4.9 which is shown khổng lồ be the most suitable pH to minimize degradation of Alpha Arbutin.


When và How vì I Use Alpha Arbutin

Use Alpha Arbutin in the morning and/or evening.This is a water-based product và would be used directly after cleansing or alongside other water-based products before any oils and moisturizers.Apply a few drops in the palm of your hands & apply to the face. Massage or pat until the hàng hóa is fully absorbed before applying another product.

Does Alpha Arbutin have any conflicts?

The only product Alpha Arbutin shouldn’t be mixed with is The Ordinary Niacinamide Powder due lớn its pH level. Apart from that, Alpha Arbutin has no other conflicts so it´s a really easy product to fit into your skincare routine.

The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin nhái Products

This is very clearly a kém chất lượng of The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin. The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin is only available in 30ml bottles. Lớn avoid buying counterfeit products, only purchase through Deciem authorised stockists.

Please cảnh báo that even bottles and boxes direct from Deciem or authorised stockists may vary slightly. You may find some say US oz & some say fl oz on the front. Text may vary slightly on the sides of the box. No need khổng lồ panic, this is normal.


Reviews of The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin

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Jen on Instagram: Alpha Arbutin is nice khổng lồ use và sits well under makeup or other layers of serums. It is a great addition lớn a routine that is targeting mild pigmentation & supporting a hydrating routine. I didn’t get a great result with this on my medium-level pigmentation và ended up switching over to lớn NIOD Re: Pigment.

Love love love it!! I am on my second bottle.

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Absolutely love The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin ♥️

Love it!! This is my 3rd bottle of The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin. I use it together with niacinamide.

I had quite a few dark spots around my hairline và cheek and Alpha Arbutin completely got rid of them, this one is one of my favorites! What I will say is it takes a while lớn see results but it worked id say I used half the bottle when I saw the results I wanted. I continued to lớn use it until it was done và the spots haven’t come back..even after I stopped using it

More Alpha Arbutin đánh giá

It’s the only sản phẩm that worked khổng lồ fade my dark spots. I worked in the beauty-fragrance area of a MAJOR dept store for almost 25 years, so I’ve tried every high-end product out there with very little results. Alpha Arbutin is the sản phẩm that helped my spots fade in about 3 months. I love it!

I’ve been using it for about six months. I did notice a slight difference by the time I finished the first bottle so was excited to continue. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any more improvement even after several months. I will finish the bottle I have but will no longer purchase.

Yes, I love The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin! I just ran out so I purchased The Ordinary Ascorbic Acid + Alpha Arbutin bộ combo from Sephora…hope it works as well.

I use with The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% together every single morning on face neck arms & chest it’s fading all my freckles from too many holidays without sunscreen

Alpha Arbutin FAQS

These questions have been featured on social truyền thông media and answered by Deciem.

Is the alpha arbutin+ha serum non-comedogenic? We specifically avoid comedogenic ingredients.

If using The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin & The Ordinary Niacinamide, which one goes first? We suggest using them in the order you’ve written, Alpha Arbutin followed by Niacinamide.

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Can I use Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA with vitamin Suspension 30% in Silicone? Yes, this combination sounds great!

Can I use the Alpha Arbutin with Hyaluronic Acid? Yes indeed!

Can I use Alpha Arbutin 2% và Lactic acid 10% in the same routine? Yes you may.

Can I use Alpha Arbutin + Azelaic Acid? Yes, sounds great!

Why is Alpha Arbutin not available in Australia? We’re so sorry! Due khổng lồ regulatory restrictions, they are not available in nước australia or New Zealand at this time. To target brightening, you may wish lớn explore our vi-ta-min C range