The house in fata morgana: dreams of the revenants edition


Release Date: April 9th, 2021Developer: NovectaclePlatforms: Nintendo Switch (Reviewed)Price: $39.99

There"s something about the Gothic format that has always intrigued me, from the aesthetic of the furniture khổng lồ the architecture of the buildings, the way the clothes were weaved, and more. It has almost a medieval vibe to lớn it, but one that has more emphasis on dark religious undertones with a craftsmanship và class that is immensely unique & beautiful akin khổng lồ the likes of works from Michelangelo & Donatello in terms of prowess & historical significance. It"s a feast for the eyes as you go through a visual novel masterclass playing as You và seeing a world through their (your?) eyes, mix in a narrative where gothic suspense takes place in a cursed mansion. With three full-length visual novels khổng lồ enjoy here, you"re looking at well over 50+ hours of content, and can easily span closer khổng lồ 100+ if you"re aiming for all endings và gallery art across this definitive edition of House in Fata Morgana, packing in three visual novels all in one title for the best way to lớn experience one of the genre"s best & most memorable titles.

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Right off the gate, however, it should be addressed that while The House in Fata Morgana is a visually stunning feature, it doesn"t leave the best first impression as the menus are fairly bland, but the opening cinematic quickly sets the tone and mood of what"s to lớn be expected moving forward from the moment the first words are uttered. Every background, character portrait, and icon is beautifully crafted, và House of Fata Morgana lets it be known very quickly for those that may have never heard of it or don"t even know what khổng lồ expect that its art will not only help captivate the player by drawing them in with stunning art lớn look at, but uses that art lớn help accentuate the time period, architecture, as well as the entire flow và tone of the story khổng lồ provide an experience that"s consistently memorable, with each frame, piece of dialogue, and sequence something lớn take in và consume as if one were to lớn be in an art gallery.


The story of House in Fata Morgana is an interesting one, but also keeps it mysterious enough lớn once again fit the nature of the narrative & how the player is meant lớn feel going through it. Being in what is undoubtedly a mysterious & cursed mansion, the story will bounce between the modern day and what feels like a fairytale being told by a maid in the present day, though most of the story that"s told in this storybook fashion as it slowly progresses into the current timeline is one that takes place in the past, so it becomes a linear experience with little else to lớn interact or influence upon. Any reference lớn the current timeline while you"re experiencing these seemingly old memories are usually done through narration, though unfortunately because of the overly simplistic text box The House of Fata Morgana opts for in its debut title, leaving a semi-opaque bar with basic font on top for legibility, & sometimes it isn"t made clear who or what is delivering the line with no real indication khổng lồ the speaker. Outside of little quirks lượt thích this, however, House of Fata Morgana feels lượt thích a haunted mansion that you experience with its palpable storybook presentation in delivering its atmosphere and setting, eventually getting under your skin.


In addition to lớn the main storyline of House in Fata Morgana players have experienced since năm 2016 in nhật bản and 2019 on Vita, two more stories come included in the size of A Requiem for Innocence, a prequel that goes into the beginnings of how the mansion got its initial curse, & Reincarnation, a sequel with the main cast mix in the present day. As a bonus, a series of short stories beef up the already meaty package further to lớn give The House in Fata Morgana: Dreams of the Revenants Edition even more value once you"ve finished the rest of the titles, though through a Back Door section of the main menu, you can enter answers to a few simple questions (this is the same for every game & isn"t unique to a playthrough) to immediately unlock all content in the trò chơi in case you may have already experienced the base trò chơi prior to the Dreams of the Revenants Edition và want to lớn gain immediate access to lớn its sequels và additional content. All of this compiles arguably one of the most well-rounded visual novel offerings on Switch, và because of its format innate within the genre, it feels right at trang chủ on the hybrid system, showing off a literal work of art on the big screen in 1080p docked, & becoming storytelling feast once back in handheld mode taking full advantage of the real estate given in its screen size.

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Despite its stellar way of storytelling with copious amounts of mystery, wonder, suggestive themes, & overall dark tones, The House in Fata Morgana isn"t really doing anything groundbreaking within the visual novels other titles that add more chơi game elements lượt thích Zero Escape, Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters, or Root Letter would vị to keep a more casual player interested, & certainly would be a heavy consumption of information và text for a newer reader lớn experience through its dense duration, but every moment is worth it as it cleverly stays away from tropes và most cliché beats to lớn stay intriguing và encapsulating with great character development & sequences that stand out & are more elaborate than a standard run-of-the-mill toàn nước you"d see on Steam or MangaGamer. It"ll contain your standard auto-play, skip, fast-forward, pause, & hide features alongside the typical galleries và collected pieces of music và the sort, so outside of that you"re basically just looking into getting a purely narrative experience, albeit a captivating one, và the addition of touch-controls is always a welcome one when you simply want to take the Joy-Con off và hold the tablet lượt thích you would an e-book.


Even with years having passed since its initial release, The Dream of the Revenants Edition of The House in Fata Morgana beautifully compiles all three stories (and then some) of the critically acclaimed visual novel into a stunning package that provides not only some of the best art but some of the most unique và captivating storytelling the genre has seen, và this is also a big bump to the Switch"s already vast visual novel portfolio that lends itself to classics that were previously only seen on PC and/or never translated. Joining the likes of Clannad và If My Heart Had Wings, The House in Fata Morgana is a reminder of why the visual novel genre can be so powerful at times, & that it"s not only just about great gameplay, but that a good story can triumph the rest even if the game is meant to be kinetic.

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Stunning artwork

An in-depth story that"s gripping & unique

A great soundtrack the complements both the atmosphere và its narrative

Tons of incredible narrative content to enjoy across three games and additional short stories


As is the case with a lot of visual novels, multiple routes and endings in something that is already an extraordinary length means it"s a big time investment for those looking to unlock just about everything, even with a skip feature, and House in Fata Morgana isn’t exactly the easiest khổng lồ backtrack in.

The linear nature of the game with a lack of choices may be problematic to some

A massive thank you lớn Novectacle and Limited Run Games for providing us a copy of The House of Fata Morgana: Dreams of Revenant Edition for the purposes of this review!

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