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In general, "good" skincare and beauty products aren"t affordable. The rule — whether earned or simply given — is that expensive products are better than less expensive ones. The exception to lớn this, of course, is the handful of outstanding drugstore products that gain notoriety via word-of-mouth & then, seemingly overnight, snowball into a phenomenon.

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The $10 Aztec Clay Mask — with nearly 16,000 đánh giá on Amazon — is one such product.

Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner is another. Despite beginning as just another under-$10 sản phẩm stocked alongside paper clips and floss at retailers like Target và Amazon — the toner has racked up more than 5,000 five-star đánh giá on Amazon alone, been recommended by Allure, and been called a "Holy Grail" product by users & celebrity makeup artists alượt thích — including Jo Baker, makeup artist khổng lồ Emmy Rossum, Salma Hayek, và Olivia Wilde. Right now, a different variation of the toner currently takes all three of the top spots on Amazon"s most popular toners. In all of Amazon"s skincare offerings, it cracks the top five most popular under $25.

What is it?

Thayers" Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner is an alcohol-không tính tiền toner made from witch hazel, aloe vera, và rosewater. Witch hazel, a botanical extract derived from a flowering plant that humans have used medicinally for ages, is known to be soothing, anti-inflammatory, và have sầu antioxidant properties. More colloquially, people often use it lớn combat acne since it removes excess oil from the skin. That means that, if overused, witch hazel can be drying — a property that"s only exacerbated by the fact that most toners that contain it also tkết thúc to include alcohol.

In contrast, Thayers" Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner pairs the clarifying properties of witch hazel with rosewater & aloe vera to lớn hydrate the skin. According khổng lồ Thayers, the formula"s rose petals work twofold: their natural oils & sugars ramp up the skin"s dewiness, while its Vi-Ta-Min C sida collaren production, strengthens the skin, và fades blemishes và scars. Certified organic aloe vera helps pump moisture baông chồng into the skin. Altogether, it"s không lấy phí of alcohol, parabens, & propylene glycol (a potentially irritating synthetic).

Used after cleansing but before moisturizing, the toner will remove excess dirt, oil, makeup, and any residue left over, prep the skin lớn absorb the rest of the products in your regime (lượt thích moisturizers), and both clean & minimize pores.

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What it"s like lớn use

Until I tried the 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine (& the popular Acwell iteration), my experience with toner was isolated khổng lồ my early teens. Caught in the first wave of serious acne, I had allied myself with a militaristic understanding of skincare: the more it stung, the more bacteria it must be killing, and the better it must be working. Under that xúc tích, harsh alcoholic astringents became foundational pillars. Spoiler: they did not fix the issues.

Today, you"d probably have to lớn pay me khổng lồ slather anything that harsh on my skin again. Dermatologists typically agree that most alcohols only serve to lớn dry out the skin, và a more sustainable approach may be feeding healthy bacteria rather than obliterating as many of them as possible indiscriminately. That way, they can self-manage a healthy microbiome on top of your skin — kind of lượt thích an immune system — rather than face the world và its pollutants every day anew.

All this meant I was skeptical of an under-$10 tonerthat claimed to lớn be gentle and effective sầu — even one that was miễn phí of alcohol. However, post-personal use, I get the enthusiastic fandom: for me, the Thayers" Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner was indeed gentle, relatively non-drying, và did the job of helping clean off the vestiges of earlier cleansers so the rest of my skincare routine could sink in more effectively. My pores also looked noticeably smaller, và I"ve sầu started using it as an effective sầu spot-treatment to lớn isolate & treat blemishes as they pop up. If you"re looking for a toner, it"s a solid option — and it"s a big bonus that it"s less than $10 for a 12-ounce bottle.

How to lớn use it

To use it, wash your face, pat it dry, và soak either a cotton ball or cleansing pad with the toner. Lightly spread it across your face & neông chồng. If you"re following with essence or moisturizer, let the toner dry before applying other products on top of it. You may want khổng lồ transition first with once-daily or every-other-day applications, but, typically, toners are fine lớn use twice daily — depending on how your skin reacts.

My only notes are that, while the fragrance is pleasant and natural, I typically prefer unscented skincare. Fragrance at best is an unnecessary additive sầu and at worst can hide harmful ingredients under a loosely vetted definition. If you"re like-minded, try Thayers" Unscented version – it"s the same price & also has witch hazel and aloe vera.

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And since it"s always wise to kiểm tra new skincare products on smaller and/or less visible patches of the body toàn thân before dousing your face, you may want to lớn dab toner on your wrist khổng lồ chạy thử your body"s reaction first.