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Tea tree oil might be the best entry-level essential oil of all time. Even if you"ve sầu don"t have a clue what DoTERRA is, you"ve sầu probably noticed the tea tree oil sản phẩm area in The Body Shop. It"s almost as big as the makeup section.

In fact, tea tree oil is so popular that The Body Shop says it sells a bottle of its $10 tea tree oil every eight seconds.

But why does this tiny green thing fly off the shelves? To find out, I recently bought my own bottle (it"s currently on sale for $8), talked to a certified aromatherapist and polled my friends. My personal, unprofessional conclusion: tea tree oil is MacGyver in a bottle.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil


What is tea tree oil?

Tea tree oil is made from steaming the leaves of the Australian tea tree. The Body Shop says it only uses leaves that are hand-picked. This fact is even more impressive when you consider that just one small bottle has the oil from more than 15,000 tea tree leaves.

According lớn The Mayo Clinic, tea tree oil "might" be helpful in healing superficial skin conditions when used topically as an antibacterial treatment. According lớn the Duchess of Sussex, it"s a "cure-all." In an interview about her best beauty tips, Meghan Markle told Allure she always carries a bottle of tea tree oil when she travels. If that"s not a royal ringing endorsement then I don"t know what is.

Pick a problem, any problem

Name a common skin condition và there"s a great chance someone in your inner circle is currently treating it with tea tree oil. After reading that the duchess references using it for cuts, bug bites và breakouts, I decided to ask my Facebook friends what they used tea tree oil for. The results ran the gamut. They also help explain why tea tree oil is one of The Body Shop"s trang nhất bestsellers in its stores and online — there"s almost nothing (external) you can"t use it on.

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Katie Jackson

For starters, my friover và certified aromatherapist in the Hamptons, Jessica Bellofatkhổng lồ, finds it lớn be effective for treating everything from toenail fungus lớn ear infections. Meanwhile in Montana, my former co-worker, Kayla, adds a few drops khổng lồ her children"s shampoo to keep head lice way. She also sprays it on her kids" pants to lớn prevent them from attracting ticks when they"re playing outside.

Some moms swear tea tree oil is as effective sầu as the best insect repellents. If a bug does manage khổng lồ get a nibble, you can use tea tree oil lớn lessen the itch, sting or swelling. Most sources say it"s more effective the sooner you apply it.


But that"s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes khổng lồ all the uses for tea tree oil. What does my frikết thúc Heather in Floridomain authority reach for when her hands break out in eczema? The same thing my friend Chelsea in Colorabởi reaches for when she feels a cold sore coming on.

"Oh yeah, & boils?" writes my friover Kitty from Los Angeles, "It gets rid of them instantly."

I hate that I have sầu to lớn use it, but I love it already

Fortunately, I don"t currently have sầu any boils to test my tea tree oil on. However, I have had the chance to demo it on some of the monthly pimples that even the best face washes for acne-prone skin can"t prsự kiện. Tea tree oil smells like Pine-sol to lớn me, but since I’ve cleaned with Pine-sol and know it works, I don’t mind. I just make the association that this hàng hóa will work too.

Lately, what I"ve sầu been doing is using a few drops to spot treat my blemishes. Unlượt thích benzoyl peroxide, it doesn"t leave a trắng grainy residue. But like benzoyl peroxide, it appears khổng lồ be working and drying out problem areas & reducing inflammation.

Katie Jackson

I"ve sầu also taken lớn using it as a pick-me-up when I travel. For example, after a 13-hour flight from San Francisco lớn Taiwan, where I had a layover before another long international flight, I added a few drops of tea tree oil khổng lồ my moisturizer. It was milder than applying straight astringent onto my face, but it definitely woke me up like a much-needed espresso shot to the face.

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From now on, tea tree oil will have a coveted spot in my carry-on toiletries bag. At first I thought packing around so many leaves seemed excessive. But then I considered how many potential problems this little MacGyver in a bottle can fix.

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