Sony Xperia Xz Premium Review: This Camera Trick Is Best In Class


Sony’s 4K smartphone boasts a pixel-packed display & a solid snapper

ByJohn McCann09 February 2018


Our Verdict

The Sony Xperia XZ Premium has everything you want when paying top dollar for a phone, with its 4K display & slow motion camera two standout tiệc nhỏ pieces. It will please Sony fans around the world.

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The Sony Xperia XZ Premium is a genuine flagship điện thoại thông minh. It boasts a market-leading 4K display, the lathử nghiệm high-over power under the hood và Sony’s professional photography heritage, including super slow motion capture, round the baông chồng.

MWC 2018 at the kết thúc of February though, as its successor may launch at the show.>

There’s a lot lớn like about the XZ Premium on paper – but a feature-packed spec sheet doesn’t always produce the top-notch experience we’ve come khổng lồ expect from high-kết thúc smartphones.

Sony is still stuông xã in a bit of a kiến thiết rut, & it’s struggling lớn compete with the might of Apple và Samsung, while the likes of LG, Huawei và Motorola continue lớn offer stiff competition. 

The Xperia XZ Premium is Sony’s chance lớn put itself firmly baông chồng on the điện thoại thông minh map, but has it succeeded?

Sony Xperia XZ Premium price and release date

Launch price: £649 ($799, about AU$1,100) SIM-freeCurrent price: £499 ($540, about AU$700) SIM-freeRelease date: June 2017

This will likely come as no surprise, but this was not a cheap phone at launch. The Sony Xperia XZ Premium price initially was £649 ($799, around AU$1,100), which saw it rub shoulders with the Samsung Galaxy S8 & iPhone 7 Plus in terms of cost.

The good news is that, since its June 2017 arrival, the Sony Xperia XZ Premium price has now dropped và, if you cửa hàng around, can be found for £499 ($540, about AU$700) SIM-không tính phí. 

It means contract giao dịch are also more attractive sầu now, if you"d rather spread the cost over a couple of years. If you are considering picking up the Xperia XZ Premium though, you may want to hold on a little bit.

Sony is tipped khổng lồ launch the successor to the handmix (the XZ Premium 2) at MWC 2018 at the end of February, so an even better version could be available lớn you very soon. if the new version doesn"t take your fancy, it"ll likely drive sầu the price of the current XZ Premium down further.

Find out what the Sony Xperia XZ Premium is lượt thích to lớn live with by watching our "week with" Clip.


Glass, metal và plastic build isn"t the most premiumSide-mounted fingerprint scanner is usefulSIM slot is fiddly
Xperia XZ Premium Specs

Weight: 195gDimensions: 156 x 77 x 7.9mmOS: Android 8Screen size: 5.46 inchesResolution: 2160 x 3840CPU: Snaprồng 835RAM: 4GBStorage: 64GBBattery: 3,230mAhRear camera: 19MPFront camera: 13MP 

Sony"s phone may be Premium in name, but it"s not overly so in nature. When it comes to lớn thiết kế the Sony Xperia XZ Premium leaves something to be desired compared khổng lồ its flagship rivals.

The Gorilla Glass 5 front and rear at least provides some tough protection, but the sides of phone are noticeably plastic, và it’s this material which you feel when you hold the phone.

It’s a shame, as it makes the handset feel cheaper than it is – something you don’t want when spending top dollar – and the flat front and baông chồng means it doesn’t nestle in the hvà as neatly as some of the more curved devices on the market.

We found the glass was a real fingerprint magnet – much like the Galaxy S8 và Jet Blachồng iPhone 7 – so it can quickly over up looking messy.

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There’s also a lot of bezel around the display, which pushes the dimensions of the XZ Premium khổng lồ 156 x 77 x 7.9mm, making it taller and wider than the LG G6 & Samsung Galaxy S8 – phones which boast bigger screens than the Sony.

These bezels do allow for stereo front-facing speakers, and provide space for you to lớn hold the phone in landscape orientation when gaming or watching videos without your fingers blocking the display.

The power button on the right of the handset also falls nicely under thumb when held in your right h&, or finger when in your left hand, & it’s enhanced by the inclusion of a fingerprint scanner built into the key, allowing you to lớn unloông xã the phone without entering a pin, pattern or password.

We found it was fast at unlocking most of the time, but every now và then we’d have lớn have sầu a second attempt to lớn get it to register.

It’s worth noting that previous fingerprint-reading Sony handsets have sầu dropped the digit scanner tech for their US models, so there’s no guarantee that if/when the Xperia XZ Premium hits the US it’ll have sầu the feature.

The top và bottom edges of the XZ Premium are metal, and we’d have sầu liked to lớn have sầu seen this finish extend up the sides of the phone, as it would have provided a better look & feel in the hvà. On the base of the handmix there’s a USB-C port while on top there’s a headphone jack – which will please those who have watched in horror as Motorola and Apple removed it from their phones.

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Another positive sầu with the Xperia XZ Premium is its IP68 dust và water resistance, which means it’ll survive sầu a dip in the bath và heavy rain – just don’t go deep-sea diving. The IP protection only affords the phone protection up to depths of 1 meter in fresh water.

Something else that"s slightly disappointing is the SIM and microSD flap and tray. The plastic insert feels fragile, plus it only has space for the microSD card. The separate SIM tray (which is under the same flap) requires you to dig a nail inkhổng lồ the side of the phone & tease it out.

For many this will be an operation they"ll only need lớn perkhung a couple of times, but the plastic flap feels like it could prove a weak liên kết in the water-resistant chain if you’re someone who swaps microSD cards on a regular basis.

Lined up alongside its peers the Sony Xperia XZ Premium doesn’t quite pull off the same flagship finesse – & even more affordable handsets, such as the OnePlus 3T và Honor 8, have arguably smarter finishes.


5.46-inch 4K HDR display

While the thiết kế of the Sony Xperia XZ Premium may not mix it apart, its screen is certainly in a league of its own.

Following on from the Xperia Z5 Premium, the XZ Premium is Sony’s second smartphone lớn boast a 4K display backed up by the firm’s Bravia TV tech – và in most markets it"ll be the only phone you’ll find with such a resolution.

That equates to lớn a resolution of 3840 x 2160, which when stretched over 5.46 inches gives you an eye-popping pixel mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa of 807ppi. To put that in perspective sầu, the beautiful Infinity Display on the Galaxy S8 manages 570ppi, while the LG G6 gives up 564ppi.

You won’t find a sharper screen on another smartphone, & unlượt thích its 4K-toting predecessor you actually get the full resolution all the time. The Z5 Premium would only deliver the full 4K experience when you were watching đoạn phim of the same resolution, whereas on the new Xperia XZ Premium it’s 3840 x 2160 all the way – from the trang chủ screen and browser to the app store và your social truyền thông profiles.

There"s no option in the settings to reduce the resolution of the display khổng lồ save processing power và battery life, where as the QHD toting Galaxy S8 does give you the option.

On the Xperia XZ Premium though, we didn"t find a need khổng lồ have sầu the resolution reduced at any point as the battery life was pleasing. You can find out just how well it lasted later on in this review.

The screen panel uses LCD giải pháp công nghệ, delivering a crisp, clear image; it doesn’t have quite the same pop as the AMOLED displays found on the Galaxy S8, Molớn Z và OnePlus 3T, but the Triluminos Display technology does enhance colors over standard LCD panels. This is a screen you’ll still want to lớn ogle.

It also feels a little small, especially now that the 5.7-inch LG G6 and 5.8-inch Samsung Galaxy S8 have sầu started khổng lồ break new ground when it comes to lớn screen form size in 2017.

That said, if you haven’t had the luxury of using those phones yet, you’ll still find the Xperia XZ Premium provides ample space – especially if you’re upgrading from a two-year-old phone.

While it"s certainly nice to lớn say your phone packs a 4K resolution, the reality is it offers very little over and above the excellent QHD displays you get on the likes of the Galaxy S8, LG G6 & Điện thoại HTC U11.

Watch 4K nội dung on the Xperia XZ Premium and it"s one of the best visual experiences you can get from a smartphone - but finding that nội dung isn"t easy, và there"s actually not all that much readily available.

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Sony will argue that the XZ Premium is future proofed, as 4K nội dung will only increase in availability - which is true - but at this screen kích cỡ QHD usually more than suffices.