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The Bottom Line

The Sony SRS-XB2 is a portable bluetooth không dây speaker that delivers solid audio with rich bass for its form size and price.

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Impressive bass response.Standard and Extra Bass listening modes.Speakerphone functionality.Water-resistant build.

Sony"s latest lineup of portable công nghệ bluetooth speakers is focused on adding some extra bass khổng lồ the mix. We are already big fans of the Sony SRS-XB3 ( at Amazon Canada) , so hopes were high forits less expensive sibling, the $69.99 SRS-XB2. While the water-resistant SRS-XB2 can"t really hope to produce the same type of bass response as the more expensive, larger SRS-XB3 does, it still manages khổng lồ pack a solid punch for its price and size. Thereis plenty of good competition in this lower price range, butnot much that offers more nguồn than the SRS-XB2.

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DesignMeasuring 2.5 by 7.5 by 2.6 inches, the 1.1-pound SRS-XB2 isn"t small enough for your pocket, but will easily fit in a tote or carry-on without taking up too much space. The speaker is water-resistant (but not waterproof, so don"t go dunking it in the pool) and is offered in black, blue, or red. Its water resistance is a bit surprising, actually, because the only real hint of protection against the elements is a rubberized snap-shut cover onthe back panel that protects the micro USB charging port, the 3.5mm aux đầu vào (no cable is included, unfortunately), & the pinhole Reset button. The rest of the rounded, oblong contour is perforated speaker grille và matte plastic.

The control panel on the vị trí cao nhất of the speaker is identical khổng lồ the panel on the SRS-XB3. There are dedicated volume buttons that work in conjunction with your sản phẩm điện thoại device"s master levels, a power nguồn button, & controls for the speakerphone, bluetooth pairing, & Extra Bass mode. There are no controls for music playback or track navigation, unfortunately. The upper panel is also an NFC-pairing field. An địa chỉ button on the right side allows your to pair an additional SRS-XB2 speaker to double the sound or lớn work with the other speaker as a stereo pair.

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Behind the grille, two 1.65-inch drivers deliver the bulk of the audio, while a rear-facing passive radiator adds some bass heft. Rubber feet on the bottom panel keep the speaker from nhảy around when bass vibrations are strong.