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The MDR-XB50BS is Sony’s new Wireless in-ear tai nghe. This Extra Bass Sports Wireless headphone is worth purchasing for a few reasons: Not only is it affordable and fits comfortably on the ears, but its kiến thiết is classy, and bass unique is tight. So if you like heavy bass music, then the MDR-XB50BS is your perfect choice.

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Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth không dây Headphones, Best Wireless Sports Earbuds with Mic/ Microphone, IPX4 Splashproof Stereo Comfort Gym Running Workout up to lớn 8.5 hour battery, blaông chồng

Design and Build

The headphone isn’t the smallest in-ear wireless of Sony, with a size around the Beats Powerbeats3 Wireless (its counterpart headset which is more expensive). However, the MDR-XB50BS is impartially lightweight and has better ear hooks than of the Powerbeats3. Aside from that, its ear hooks are useful especially when you’re actively running or doing workouts.

Sound Quality

To compare with its counterpart, the Powerbeat3m, Sony made the MDR-XB50BS with a few different ear tips & fin sizes. It has a nice tight seal with the large form size of both, and that tie was what was needed to lớn get the most out of the bass performance. The headphone has a noise-isolating feature. It actively minimizes ambient noise entirely, so you‘ll hear clear audio even you’re in the crowded places or at the gym.

Speaking of going to the thể hình with this tai nghe, the tai nghe got a cozy fit. It clamps on your ears tightly while lifting weights or running on the treadmill. Also, the fins are designed lớn fit different ears. Rest assured that you’ll have sầu your size. Go now, & find the pair that fits you.

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This Thể Thao and kích hoạt tai nghe also offers a balanced audio. The tight bass & tremble let you hear clear and modulated sound. So roông xã your playdanh mục as you go extreme with its bass và treble quality that’ll boost your spirit.

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The MDR-XB50BS has a battery life that lasts up to 8.5 hours. This tai nghe is water-resistant và is one of the sturdiest headphones on the market today.

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Great sound, stress-không tính tiền thiết lập, & connects swiftly. The ear hooks clamp well, too!

Product Comparison

mdr-xb50bs vs mdr-as600bt mdr-xb50bs vs mdr-xb70bt

Sony MDR-XB50BS Headphone

DimensionDimensionWeightWeightBatteryBatteryBattery LifeBattery LifeCableCableCharging TimeCharging TimeManufacturerManufacturerOriginOriginPricePrice


Dimension3.7 x 2.6 x 6.4 InchesWeight7.8 OuncesBatteryRechargeable BatteryBattery LifeOn standby: 200 hoursIn use: 8.5 hoursCableIncludedCharging TimeApprox. 2.5 HoursManufacturerSonyOriginJapanPrice$$

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