Hiya! Maybelline recently launched a new range of lip products, seemingly jumping on the matte liquid lipstick bandwagon with their Vivid matte Liquids. I received these three shades to đánh giá (there"s ten different shades in total), let"s take a look.

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The shades I will be showing you today are 05 Nude Flush, which is a slightly dusty Barbie pink (totally not a nude); 45 Possessed Plum, which is a plummy purple; and 35 Rebel Red, a true red. The shade selection isn"t super wide, but the 10 available shades offer everything from a neutral nude khổng lồ an orange, a bright fuchsia & a purple, so there"s plenty khổng lồ choose from. The Vivid Matte Liquids have a faint vanilla type scent, and they come with a fluffy doe foot applicator that is soft enough khổng lồ feel pleasant on the lips, yet stiff enough khổng lồ allow for precise application. However, if you"re a neat freak, I suggest you use a lip brush or a lip pencil first.

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This is Nude Flush. As I said, not at all nude, but a sweet, slightly muted pink. I really like this colour on me, but as you can see: this hàng hóa isn"t matte. I can also tell you that it doesn"t phối after a while, it remains slightly slippery and is very transfer prone. However, I do lượt thích the lipfeel of these, which is lượt thích a soft mousse texture. These are more lượt thích lipcreams than liquid lipsticks, I think.

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Rebel Red has the same "issue": not matte in the slightest. This one actually looks super glossy, like a candy táo bị cắn dở or lượt thích lip vinyl. But damn, what a stunning true red. I don"t think I"ve ever owned an ultra pigmented (this is just one coat!), super glossy true red, but it looks amazing và I was quite impressed by how neatly it applied without being super careful or using a lip pencil! I just applied it straight from the tube và it looks great. I"ve had comments on how my lip swatches aren"t as neat as the ones you see on some other blogs, but that"s a conscious decision: most of those super neat lip swatches are photoshopped lớn death & I"m sick of the kém chất lượng perfection. Also, I have very translucent skin so the "bleeding" or "messed up" edges you see are just veins showing through my foundation. Moving on!

Finally, this is Possessed Plum. This is my least favourite of the three because it was more prone to lớn patchiness, the formula being quite a bit less opaque than Rebel Red. This one would definitely look better with a lip pencil underneath, unless you want khổng lồ go for that sort of grungy look.In short, these are NOT matte, nor do they set to become transfer-proof. They are 100% miss-marketed, though! I"ve seen plenty of bad review of these even though these are perfectly lovely products, just because of the vivid matte name. Maybelline should just stay true to the hàng hóa rather than try & ride the matte lip wave, because there"s plenty to love here if you like a bright coloured, satin/glossy formula that does not dry the lips & is easily reappliable (a big issue of most matte liquids). The matte-factor varies a bit from shade to lớn shade, as Nude Flush is obviously more semi-matte than the other two, although it"s still satin rather than matte.
These retail at €6.99 at drugstores.Have you tried any of Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquids? Would you prefer them to be matte or bởi you like what you see?