Maybelline rebel bouquet 07


What the Company claims: Color Sensational presents the NEW Rebel Bouquet collection. A burst of rebellious colour!

Why You’ll Love ItSuper-saturated pigments give fresh-picked pastels a bright kick. Sumptuous feel and enriched with honey nectar. 6 vivacious shades.

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MRP: Rs.450/- for 3.9g

Shades Available: 6 


The packaging is same as the Colorsensational one with a transparent red cap. It is super creamy và soft in texture, và gives a glossy finish. Though it does not glide on easily onto lips, you need khổng lồ work carefully.


It is not transfer proof and stays for around 3-4 hours but does not survive eating proper lunch, etc. Very moisturising và you bởi vì not need any separate lip balm underneath.


Once settled, the lipstick stays put và the glossiness reduces a bit.

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While REB01 was an táo khuyết red và REB05 a peachy coral, this shade REB04 is kind of a mix. Its a reddish coral shade.

I love this shade! Not something unique, but somehow love how it brightens my face.


Here is it on me..

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Overall, I would say the new Maybelline Rebel Bouquet Lipsticks are bright,glossy finish lipsticks that stay for a longer time than usual glossy lipsticks. Comes in 6 pretty red, peach & coral shades. Definitely worth a try. Recommended.

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Quality: 3.75/5Value for money : 3.75/5Availability: 4/5

Overall rating: 3.75/5

Did you kiểm tra out the New Maybelline Rebel Bouquet Lipsticks? Which shade did you like?