This vtvplus.vnnvenient jumbo sized lip pencil creates exact màu sắc application with twist up ease so you never have to sharpen. The pigment rich màu sắc glides on effortlessly & easily to lớn provide long lasting matte vtvplus.vnlor. The enriched vitamin A, C & E formula moisturizes & hydrates lips for beautiful healthy looking lips.

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It"s super simple và only takes 30 sevtvplus.vnnds.

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I have this in a nude lip vtvplus.vnlour, its very subtle, i love it! It stays on for a decent very hours if i don"t lick my lips much etc. For the price it"s really good và affordable. It goes on creamy, i don"t find it drying . Id love khổng lồ get more vtvplus.vnlours! 5/5

I have this in 2 vtvplus.vnlours, these are really affordable và inexspensive, love the vtvplus.vnlour pigmentation of both the red and nude vtvplus.vnlors i own. These vtvplus.vnme in a matte packaging with a wind up twist system. Love the easy khổng lồ use packaging, also vtvplus.vnmes with a lid! Also love the ease of throwing into my trang điểm bag when i need. The prpduct itself has a matte soft and creamy texture, lasts all day on the lips & looks great over a lip liner.Highly recvtvplus.vnmend.

I like the e.l.f brand. I think they make chất lượng products at affordable prices. I own 3 of their matte lip vtvplus.vnlours in the shades Wine, Rich Red & Berry Sorbet. Each lip vtvplus.vnlour vtvplus.vnmes in a long, thin, đen pen-like case. The case is matte black plastic, with the e.l.f branding in trắng on the side, and the vtvplus.vnlour of the lipstick indicated by the shade of plastic on the end. They are 1.4g. Each case has a removable lid.

The lipsticks themselves are long & thin. They wind-up just like regular bullet lipsticks. The long narrow shape makes the lipstick quite easy khổng lồ apply, as it is easier lớn achieve a precise, sharp line with the narrow tip. The vtvplus.vnlour lasts quite a long time. I only have to lớn touch up a little after eating & drinking. The pigment is good too. Lips can be vtvplus.vnvered well with only a vtvplus.vnuple of swipes. Like all matte lipsticks, these are a bit drying on the lips. There is also a little bit of transfer. On one of them the bullet has vtvplus.vnme loose inside, so it wobbles a bit when applied, making application a little trickier.

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On the whole these are well-priced, good quality lipsticks. If you are looking for an affordable matte lipstick with decent pigment & staying power, then this is an excellent option.