Son Kem Lì Aritaum Lip Cover Color Tint


Aritaum.. This brand is really new lớn me. From what I know, its another Korean brand & apparently their tints are quite the rage. So, I got these in Tango Red và Swing Coral, just to lớn see how they bởi vì next lớn Benefit’s tints. (Sorry I only have Posie Tint and phụ thân Cha Tint)

Price: SGD$7.80 here (size is comparable to the full sized Benefit tints)

First things first, the price. This costs SGD$7.80 each while a bottle of Benetint costs about SGD$57 at Sephora. Meaning, with the same price, I can buy about 7 bottles of Aritaum’s tints.

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There’s a whole bunch of colours available, & I’ve matched them with the corresponding Benefit tints which I think they are dupes of.

So in my opinion:

1. Polka Pink to lớn Posie Tint2. Swing Coral to phụ vương Cha Tint3. Tango Red khổng lồ Benetint (maybe?)4. Lollipop lớn Lolli Tint

Here’s what Aritaum has khổng lồ say about these tints, I understand the “pudding” notion now, the pigment comes out looking jelly-ish.

Packaging: Comes in a opaque glass bottle with screw on cap. Upon opening, there is a doe foot sponge applicator which picks up the liquid from the bottle.

Tango Red: Smells faintly of strawberry và reminds me of Hello Kitty (like the red in her bow). Colour of the tint is more on the creamy jello side, and is very buildable. If this were a nail polish, I’d totally wear it.

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Swing Coral: Smells of orange (are they matching the hàng hóa colour khổng lồ a corresponding fruit?), và likewise, colour is creamier than most liquid tints.

Swatches: On the skin, Tango Red is a robust bright red, while Swing Coral is a bright warm orange. Both swatches are two layers, so the more colour you want, the more layers you apply.

I tried them on my lips, & they were pretty much the same payoff as on my arm. However, the tints did taste a little bitter. Don’t know what’s up with that. Staying nguồn is rather long, as they stain. Eating & drinking is not a problem, in fact makeup remover didn’t take all of Tango Red off. I still have that faint little red rectangle on my arm.

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Did they dry my lips? Hmm, no but probably because I used lipbalm after I set the tints to dry.

Now, on to the comparison demo