Silky Veil : Nutritious Items

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Sometime ago, I won this SIlky Veil Bright Pack sample via Honeyz Cube Facebook page (more on winning more things from Honeyz Cube & how I win below!)


The Silky Veil Bright Pack is a nhật bản based whitening lotion and moisturizer which promises khổng lồ give you smooth and white complexion within minutes of applying lớn your skin!

It contains Fullerenes & EGF which removes actives oxygen. This help improve the skin condition. It moisturize the skin with Sodium Hyaluronate and it’s formulated with vegetable extracts such that people with sensitive skin can use it too! The Silky veil bright pack have a relaxing scent with natural grapefruit oil.

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To use this moisturizer, flatten the cream và try to apply it evenly khổng lồ your skin.


Review time!

As seen from the above picture, the Silky Veil Bright Pack resembles lumps of jelly lượt thích white pudding. However, this jelly-liked pudding actually felt powdery when touched.This is so chất lượng for a moisturiser or a serum for you don’treally see pudding like skincare products much right? The Japanese are soamazing #ICNT.

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This brightening pack displays immediate whitening effect on your face (like putting trắng powder). However, if you rubbed too hard, there will be semi solid white stuff left over at the area of contact.

What I find different about this brightening pack is that, unlike other moisturizer / lotion the Silky Veil Bright pack is Semi-solid, like a pudding, instead of mostly liquid.

The Silky Veil Brightening pack also does not have a scent which means people who are sensitive to smells, no fear of clogging your nose!

For those of you who have more FAQs on the silky veil Bright pack, here are the mostly commonly asked questions posted on Honeyz Cube Silky Veil Bright Pack part of the Facebook page:


As see from above, the ingredients are so natural – herbal extractand such – so this is a great organic pudding!

Ok finally time khổng lồ say where I got this:


Picture taken from HoneyCube Facebook page

Some time in early March, Honeyz Cube Facebook was having a giveaway of 30 Silky Veil Samples lớn her fans and of course, I took the chance và jumped on it.

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Long story short, I won & here’s the prize!! Anyways, this contest is long over HOWEVER don’t be sad for Honeyzcube Facebook page will always have contests for their fans!

In fact this is their current ongoing giveaway:


Picture taken from HoneyCube Facebook page

All you have to bởi vì is lớn follow the instructions on their cover photo and you’ll stand a chance khổng lồ win one of their giveaways!

So what are you waiting for like* Honeyzcube now! :

P.s The above contest ends on 18 April so act fast!

P.s. If you don’t like the giveaway công trình in the above contest, don’t worry! Just wait for the next one! lượt thích I say, she will always have contest for her fans.