Samsung galaxy note 7 smartphone review

Explosive combination. The cảnh báo is finally available in Europe again. The launch, however, is overshadowed by technical problems causing a world-wide recall. We still had a look at the Galaxy lưu ý 7.

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For the original German review, see here.

Samsung uses the Galaxy lưu ý (SM-N930F) to lớn correct its strategy from the previous year and once again offers the điện thoại thông minh in Europe. Most of the changes compared khổng lồ theNote 5are in the details, but the jump from theNote 4orNote Edgeis much greater.

The 4 GB of memory has not changed compared to the predecessor, nor have the kích cỡ and the resolution of the panel. However, the display now has two edges similar to theGalaxy S7 Edge. The internal storage capacity is doubled lớn 64 GB and the battery capacity has increased by 500 mAh, while the device is actually slightly lighter. The battery also turns out to be the biggest problem of the Samsung Galaxy note 7, since it resulted in a world-wide recall of all devices due to several explosions (wereported). The reason seems to lớn be a problem during the manufacturing of the battery. Anode and cathode of faulty products could come in liên hệ with each other, which result in an overheating battery. As a result, Samsung has asked all customers lớn send in their devices. This happens even via push notification on the smartphone. We recommend users lớn follow this request if you have an early model. The replacement of the device is certainly an inconvenient process, but this technical issue, which is supposed to lớn affect approximately 0.1% of the devices, will not have an effect on the rating.

The specification sheet of the Samsung Galaxy note 7 leaves a good impression. The Koreans offer the best that is currently available và put it into a big smartphone. This is also the reason why many parts of the hardware are reminiscent of the Galaxy S7 series from the manufacturer, but the screen of the note 7 is larger & there is once again an S-Pen. Another aspect that has increased is the price. Samsung has priced the phablet at 849 Euros (~$945), which is 150 Euros (~$167) more than the predecessor.

There is no real competitor for the lưu ý 7, only theLG Stylus 2has a similar form size with an integrated stylus, but the technical specifications are miles away from the note 7. We therefore primarily use high-end smartphones with large screens such as theMicrosoft Lumia 950 XL, theGoogle Nexus 6P, theLG V10, theApple iPhone 6s Plusand theHuawei Mate 8.

Update 10.10.2016: Due lớn the ongoing problems with the battery of the chú ý 7 (see here for more info) we decided to lớn remove our rating. We recommend lớn take part in Samsungs exchange programm.