Every so often, a hàng hóa goes viral & it seems like everyone is talking about it - bloggers, youtubers, and the skincare community in general. I am always skeptical - is it hype and carefully directed kinh doanh efforts, or is the cống phẩm really that good? One of those products is Some By mi AHA BHA trộn 30 Days Miracle Toner. I finally got a chance khổng lồ try it out for myself và see what all the fuss is about.

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I won the toner through Picky (highly recommend that app. Sign up here using invitation code 982961C6). It’s also available on YesStyle (save extra with reward code KBHOBBIT), Amazon, eBay, Olive Young, Jolse, and iHerb (save with code CWN6107).

Something called a “miracle” toner definitely sounds promising. Here are some sale highlights about what it is supposed lớn do:

Shrink pore size

Sweep away dead skin cells

Work miracles on the skin in just 30 days

Suitable for all skin types

Let’s unpack those claims a bit. Skincare enthusiasts already know that pores don’t shrink (or xuất hiện / close), but a good product, especially with BHA, can make them appear smaller. For me, appearance matters more than the actual true size of the pore. So, I’m ok with the concept, even if it could have been worded better.


It makes sense that an exfoliator with AHA, BHA & PHA will help get rid of dead skin cells và also control sebum production - no problem with that claim. As far as working a miracle in 30 days - hmm, there are no miracles. Và I caution you against jumping into an exfoliator with daily use. Starting slowly and working up the frequency (or stopping at 2-3 times a week lượt thích I did) is a gentler way and would help avoid irritation.

Suitable for all skin types? Probably not. I would say that the most sensitive people should patch test, especially since the toner contains peppermint oil, which can be irritating lớn some. I have an issue with brands kinh doanh products to lớn sensitive folks và then packing them full of essential oils. Sure, an experienced consumer will see right through it. But some people are just getting started and it would be nice to lớn be able lớn trust the label instead of combing through the ingredients các mục every time - the ingredients are provided for your reviews at the kết thúc of the post.

It can also be used for a DIY sheet mask - soak cotton pads in the solution and apply to congested areas for 1-3 minutes, then wipe off gently

I simply use my hands to lớn pat in the toner like I would any other one. I find that wiping with cốt tông pads adds unnecessary friction.

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The consistency is thin và watery, not at all sticky. The toner smells like peppermint, which I find pleasant but a bit strong.

This isn’t a bad product, but lớn me it’s overhyped. I like the texture and even the scent, và my combination skin does well with the toner. I notice smaller looking, more clear pores, và overall softer and smoother skin. I was careful introducing this lớn my routine, & eventually worked up to lớn using it 2-3 times a week in the evenings. I don’t need it more often than that, but I have seen people who enjoy this daily.

I can’t say the results are miraculous, & I honestly prefer the Glow Recipe Watermelon Toner for my AHA / BHA product. It has a nicer scent và texture and doesn’t have so many people say it ruins their skin.

At the end of the day, Some By mày may be worth a try if your skin is oily but not super sensitive. And you may fall in love. Just start by slowly “dating” the product first, a few times a week, before you jump into a full daily commitment.

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Some By ngươi AHA BHA pha 30 Days Miracle Toner ingredients: Water, Butylene Glycol, Dipropylene Glycol, Glycerin, Niacinamide, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Extract (10000ppm), Polyglyceryl-4 Caprate, Carica Papaya (Papaya) Fruit Extract, Lens Esculenta (Lentil) Seed Extract, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Extract, Nelumbo Nucifera (Sacred Lotus) Flower Extract, Swiftlet Nest Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Fructan, Allantoin, Adenosine, Hydroxyethyl Urea, Xylitol, Salicylic Acid (100ppm), Lactobionic Acid (100ppm), Citric Acid (500ppm), Sodium Citrate, 1,2-Hexanediol, Benzyl Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Raspberry Ketone, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil