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Hi everyone!I missed writing after weeks has passed. I"ve been so busy preparing for some makeup training workshops plus a few event attendance.

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I am excited to tóm tắt my favorite The body toàn thân Shop Tea Tree range has expanded with a new baby called The toàn thân Shop Tea Tree All-in-One Stick!


Before I talk about the new baby, I have tried the phối of Tea Tree Facial Wash và Toner và love them all! They work especially every month I tend to have a couple of pimples before the period starts. Ever since I use this range, no pimples visible even during monthly period for the past 3 months!
With the addition of Tea Tree All-in-one stick, I have better armor/protection for mas wearing. I"ll teach you my trick further down below. For now I"ll give a detailed review about this product. Feel không tính tiền to comment and message me for any queries!

Refresh congested complexions in one swipe and live fearlessly all day with our Tea Tree All-In-One Stick.

This convenient, multi-tasking tool leaves skin looking clarified, mattified and feeling purified và hydrated. Our solid balm glides on and melts effortlessly into a weightless, cooling formula that absorbs in an instant khổng lồ help comfort and refresh skin. This vegan, multi-functional stick can be used as part of your Tea Tree daily routine, as a base for makeup or as a top-up to keep your skin in check. It’s perfect for travel, festivals, weekends away or as a convenient thể hình bag essential.

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Made with 95% ingredients of natural origin, including organically-grown, Community Fair Trade tea tree oil from Kenya and naturally-derived salicylic acid from wintergreen extract, this magic wand leaves uneven skin feeling smoother too. Yup. It does it all.


Twist up twist down packaging. No need lớn touch the sản phẩm with hands.Lightly scented.A little goes a long way. A few slide is enough to keep skin hydrated.Has a minimal cooling sensation upon application that can instant refresh the skin! Imagine wearing a mask all day và use this as a "refreshing" tool.Keep skin hydrated minus the oily, greasy-feel.Can be applied before or after makeup. A nice & smooth makeup base. A nice "hydrator" between the day.Makeup does not transfer on the stick even if you apply this hàng hóa on đứng top of makeup.Skin looks mattified và fresh instantly.VeganWorks even for sensitive skin.Helps prevent maskne! or pimple appearance overall. Keep in mind genetics, food intake, exercise and sleep plays a huge role with acne/pimples.

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Seriously can"t seem khổng lồ find one. MAYBE, if you want the cooling sensation khổng lồ stay since it is better when you wear mask, well the sensation lasts less than a minute!
Swatch 2-3 x và as you can see, it is almost invisible


Application before wearing mask or in between

Overall, this has been my favorite lớn use to lớn prevent pimples và maskne. If you have pimples popping out, use the Tea Tree Oil to lớn spot treat. You may check my đánh giá 11 years ago , and yes, up until today, I still use the product.