I"ve never gotten too into lớn the cushion compact craze. Like BB cream, it was popularized by the Koreans và then started taking over the Western beauty shelves. However, when I saw that Missha was releasing compacts with packaging designed with the late artist in mind, I knew I had lớn get my hands on it (there I go again...all about the packaging).

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Missha is the first Korean beauty brvà I have ever tried. I love sầu their Perfect Cover BB Cream, and how much coverage it gives me while giving me a fresh, natural look. Their BB cream is known to lớn be a dupe for the IT Cosmetics CC Cream.
I will be honest & say that the Frida Kahlo packaging drew me khổng lồ try cushion compacts. And what better way to try it than from a Korean brand? I also love sầu Frida Kahlo as a person và as an artist. Cecilio & I actually went to a Fridomain authority Kahlo-themed restaurant during our honeymoon in Mexico: every detail and kiến thiết (from the decor khổng lồ the thực đơn to lớn even the presentation of the food) paid homage to her as an artist.
The Frida Kahlo x Missha Collection consists of 2 of their Original Tension Pacts: the Perfect Cover and the Intense Moisture, both of which are $25 at 14 grams & contain SPF 37.

I opted khổng lồ get the Perfect Cover Pact because it was yellow-toned, which was more suited towards my skin tone. For my dry skin, I would"ve been fine with the dewy finish & the lighter coverage from the Intense Moisture Pact, but the pink undertones does not match my skintone.

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The compact comes with a puff that has the Frida Kahlo artwork packaging, & little ribbon handle which says Frida Kahlo x Missha. I like having this handle so that I can hold on to lớn it while I"m applying the sản phẩm on my face instead of touching it by the edges. The puff is thinner than normal, which cuts sản phẩm absorption in half but doubles the amount of sản phẩm applied (meaning, you get more sản phẩm without the excess amount wasting away in the puff). There is also a lid in between the puff and the tension pact lớn protect the puff from harboring bacteria và absorbing more product than needed.
The tension pact has a mesh-lượt thích net filter that you push your puff inkhổng lồ and the cream hàng hóa comes out. The tension net is supposed lớn distribute the sản phẩm evenly for a smooth, flawless finish without clumping.
Unfortunately, the Frida Kahlo edition of this pact is not a permanent addition khổng lồ Missha. This edition happens lớn have 5 shades (which is still a limited shade range), whereas the original Perfect Cover Tension Pact has only 2 shades: No. 21 & 23. The Fridomain authority Kahlo edition has shades 21, 23, 27, 29, và 31. I happened to lớn get shade #29. It ended up being darker than I expected on me, but if I had gotten #27, it would"ve sầu been way too light. Even though I vì chưng have sầu a yellow/olive sầu tone on my skin, it is more yellow on me & doesn"t really match my skin tone perfectly. So if I wear a lower-cut shirt, I have khổng lồ use this down lớn my neông xã và chest.

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This is medium coverage. I watched this Youtube tutorial on how lớn use it (it"s in Korean but has English subtitles), và Liah Yoo claims that it doesn"t cover up redness. I have sầu a really red nose, but it actually does cover it up perfectly. Not only does it cover the redness, it brightens up và evens out my dull skin. It does not accentuate my smile lines and pores the way some of my other foundations vày. This pact has a satin finish, so it works great for all skin types. If you have sầu oily skin, I recommkết thúc you mix this with powder & blot throughout the day. This is pretty long-lasting too: without setting spray, this lasts 8–10 hours on my face. Not bad, huh?

I am loving this so far because it"s convenient to use (already has a puff), easy to travel with (again, the puff makes it so that you don"t have lớn bring an extra foundation brush or sponge, and you don"t have sầu lớn worry about your foundation leaking), packaging, và coverage. I highly recommkết thúc this pact (but get the Fridomain authority Kahlo edition because there are more shades, I cannot emphakích thước that enough).