Today’s reviews is going lớn be on Maybelline màu sắc Show Creamy Matte Lip color in the shade Rock The Coral. This is a new lip màu sắc range from Maybelline. I have bought two shades from this range. I always love natural shades as my daily lip color. It’s a very pretty shade. Let’s start the detailed review!


Product Description:From the loved màu sắc Show Lipsticks, Maybelline thủ đô new york is now launching 12 new lipstick shades now in Matte! With stunning hues of red, pink, brown & mauve, these 12 matte, moisture rich shades allow you khổng lồ express yourself everyday. The ultra-care and super hydrating formula is light & gives you high coverage while caring for your lips. The heat resistant soft waxes in the product ensure texture integrity even at high temperatures. These matte shades have the right amount of moisture, a sweet fragrance và stay true without drying up your lips. Are you ready lớn show off your colorful sides?




Price:INR 325 for 3.9g

My Experience with Maybelline màu sắc Show Rock The Coral Creamy Matte Lip Color:

They already had 32 shades in this range. This is a new lunch with a matte texture. Packaging looks very similar with the old color Show range. This Creamy Matte Lip màu sắc comes with a black packaging in matte texture. The texture of the packaging depicts that it’s a matte range. It comes covered with a plastic packaging that contains all the details of this product. At the bottom, the shade name is indicate with a pink paper which is actually the lipstick’s shade. Overall, this slick matte packaging is totally easy to carry.

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This range has 12 different shades. And, trust me they all are good. I have the shade Rock The coral. Number of this shade is M103. Rock The Coral is really a perfect way khổng lồ rock all the coral màu sắc on my lips. It’s a very pretty coral shade. The shade looks so natural on the lips. It actually looks like a peachy coral. But, under a different light, it looks sometimes pinky coral. I love this shade. It looks soothing và natural. This goes perfectly for both day và night looks.


It looks more lighter in pictures, but actually the shade isn’t as light. Actually, the coral shade is very visible on lips. I took different pictures of this shade under sunlight. And, it looks like two different colors under different light. It has good pigmentation. One swipe can build up good màu sắc on lips, but for the true color to show up, you need khổng lồ apply two or three times. Love the pigmentation of this shade! I think this shade will go perfectly with fair khổng lồ medium skin tones. It might look a little light on dusky beauties.

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This lipstick has a nice, matte finish. It doesn’t contain any shimmer & never looks shiny or glossy. It has a nice, creamy formula that keeps my lips soft và moisturized. It smoothly glides on lips. I have normal to dry lips, so it suits perfectly on me. It never dries out my lips. It blends evenly on lips. I absolutely love the finish it gives on my lips. It looks so beautiful! Overall, the look goes with any kind of outfit. It also has a very nice smell which is noticeable in the bullet also. The smell is pleasant và won’t bother anyone.


This lipstick has a good staying power. It stays for around 5 hours nicely. After 4 hours, it starts to lớn fade out. But, the color still is visible on my lips. It is good khổng lồ reapply it. It has a tendency to transfer a little with meals. It doesn’t settle into fine lines. Also, it never leaves any stain behind. I wish the staying power was as good as Flaming Fuchsia. But, according lớn its price, it provides a decent staying power. Thankfully, this shade is easy to lớn remove with any remover.

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Overall, I love this natural shade. I wear glasses, so it actually looks good with my new animal print frame. That’s why I am so happy with this! Also, the combination of creamy formula & matte texture is really an impressive part of this lipstick. This is a great pick as a daily lip color. Love love love!




Pros Of Maybelline màu sắc Show Rock The Coral Creamy Matte Lip Color:

• Affordable and easily available• Comes in a nice, matte, travel friendly packaging• Pretty, natural coral shade• Shade goes perfectly with all outfits• Good pigmentation• Nice matte finish with a creamy formula• Never dries out my lips• Keeps lips soft the whole day• Stays for a good time period, around 5 hours decently• Doesn’t settle into fine lines and never leaves stain on lip

Cons Of Maybelline màu sắc Show Rock The Coral Creamy Matte Lip Color:

• Staying nguồn could have been better• It transfers with meals

IMBB Rating:4.5/5

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Maybelline color Show Rock The Coral Creamy Matte Lip Color?I will definitely buy it again as I love such natural shades. And, this is one of the cutest coral shades in my collection. Yes, go for it! This is a nice lip color with an affordable price tag. If you lượt thích this shade, don’t worry about the quality.

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