Colourpop is a brand with great products, great pricing and especially a great volume of releases. So much so that you can easily get overwhelmed by what they have on offer. Every once in a while I place an order with this affordable brand và during one of those orders I decided to throw in a few of their Lux Velvet Blur lipsticks. I picked up three shades & when I showed these in a recent full face of Colourpop, many people seemed to like these. High time lớn show them in more detail và give you the full lowdown.

Review: Colourpop Lux Velvet Blur Lipstick including swatches và lipswatches

The days that all Colourpop items are $5 may be over, but that still doesn’t mean that they are that expensive. These lipsticks retail for about $8 a piece. That is not that much money. However, how affordable Colourpop is, depends on where you live. I am located in Europe và then Colourpop can be quite expensive. That is why I don’t order from them continuously, but rather I wait until I have a few items that I would like to get & then get more in one go. If I place an order large enough to lớn get không tính tiền shipping, then the customs fee is not too bad & I usually wait for them lớn have some sort of sale around too. Then, when you add it all up, you pay about as much as when you would at a regular price point. So if you are not in the US, I can recommend making a wishlist and waiting for a sale.

Lux Velvet Blur Lipstick? What does that mean?

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The second shade I want lớn show you is Sorry Not Sorry. This looks like a straight up purple shade in tube, but when you swatch it và wear it is looks a lot more pink. It is a strange shade: it has a bit of a xanh undertone to it, which can made it more difficult to wear. These kinds of shades are once I usually wear with very basic looks. The lipstick is just a bit too much out there và just needs khổng lồ be the shining star of a look when I choose to lớn wear this.

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That does mean I don’t wear this a whole lot. I still lượt thích this, but the shade is a bit out of my comfort zone and it going only with particular looks, I tend khổng lồ not wear this much.

Lastly, we have Superbloom. Depending on the lighting this looks almost neon. It is marketed as a red, which is why I bought it, but I would hotline this a red toned coral. I don’t normally like corals, but this I love. This is fun, bright and on me very pretty. But you know I love a good red lipstick so that should not come as a surprise. Of these three lipsticks this is the one I am reaching for most. It is such a perfect spring/ summer shade that is super flattering on và just adds that bright pop of something that I love.

My final thoughts

These lipsticks were a great find. They are not my favorite all time lipsticks (that title still goes lớn MAC, Bite Beauty, Charlotte Tilbury, Urban Decay và Catrice) but these are good lipsticks that địa chỉ something quality to my lipstick collection. I don’t own any other blurring lipsticks and these are pretty, bright & very wearable. They are comfortable even when you wear them all day & they just overall work the way I would expect a lipstick to work.

Would I recommend the Colourpop Lux Velvet Blur lipsticks?

If you are looking to place a Colourpop order then I think adding one of these to your basket is not a bad thing khổng lồ consider. Are they a total must have? Not really. The fact that the shades currently on offer are mainly nudes and nothing too special would not have me go to Colourpop just for these. Superbloom is a super pretty shade though & if you are into reds và are looking for a brighter, fun take on a red for summer then I would recommend throwing this one into your shopping cart.