Simple kind to skin hydrating light moisturizer review


This gentle, hydrating solution works lớn keep even the most sensitive skin smooth và supple. Simple Daily Light Moisturiser is pH-balanced with added conditioners, including pro-Vi-Ta-Min B5, to provide an easily absorbed, all day moisturiser for better hydration.

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My go khổng lồ, all round moisturiser that would be great for all skin types. Hypoallergenic & won't clog pores, as well as no fragrance so chance of irritation is super low. Absorbs into lớn the skin quite quickly but leaves skin feeling soft and vtvplus.vnfortable, without an oily residue. Would be perfect for under makeup as it wouldn't affect any hàng hóa placed over it. Light enough for oily skin but hydrating enough for dry skin.


I love that this moisturiser is non-vtvplus.vnedogenic (won't clog pores) and hypoallergenic (unlikely khổng lồ cause an allergic reaction). I love sầu that it's light và very simple lớn use. I love sầu that it's cruelty-không lấy phí with no artificial perfume or colour.I just don't love sầu how it feels on my vtvplus.vnbination/oily skin. I think it would be great on normal skin. Just heed the word 'hydrating' - I find it frustrating how shiny it leaves my skin.

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I’ve sầu been using this for about a year now and I love it!! It’s definitely helped keep my skin clear of breakouts, it’s super light weight but very moisturising và has no scent so you know there is nothing harsh in it! I used to waste my money on makeup primers but I’ve sầu replaced those with this and it works just as well!!


pros:• lightweight• creamy• no scent in the hàng hóa, very natural• hydrating for oily skin• good packaging, travel friendly• good for sensitive skin, natural ingredients•good for vtvplus.vnbination khổng lồ oily skin• very affordable & easily accessible

cons:• might not be enough hydration for dry skin people• not for people with dry skin

highly revtvplus.vnmend!


I got this for my young daughter as her skin started to lớn get a tad dry on her face và didn't want to use anything khổng lồ strong.

I don't lượt thích the packet as you need khổng lồ unscrew the lid and tip it upside lớn get any cream out. Would much rather a tube as easier to use so deducted a point!

As for the cream it is quite light, I think it is more of a lotion than a "cream" but it does the job well, doesn't lượt thích a greasy or sticky feeling on your skin và helps with dry patches. Nice & gentle & absorbs quickly khổng lồ moisturise skin.

This has always been one of my favourite basic moisturisers. I actually kept a bottle of this in my professional make-up kit because it suited all skin types & was not irritating at all. It was also super light consistency which was great khổng lồ wear under makeup.The smell is really fresh và the finish is not greasy. It's just a really reliable moisturiser lớn use for travel or if you just want something with no frills on your skin.

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I bought a travel size of this in an airport as my husbvà was vtvplus.vnplaining of dry skin. I'm now trying to use it up before it gets too much out of date. While aware of the Simple brand this may possibly be the first sản phẩm I've bought from them.

My 50ml bottle looks the same as the larger with a screw lid (I don't know why they make travel form size products with any other type of lid) in the Simple green & trắng colours. It claims lớn contain two vitamins (E và pro-Vi-Ta-Min B), two "skin loving ingredients" và no artificial perfume or colour.

I use this in the morning after serum và put sun screen over the top. It is a trắng cream and does have sầu a slight smell although it is definitely not 'perfumed' và is not anything you'd notice. The consistency is light & it absorbs really quickly leaving your skin feeling hydrated. Unfortunately I found this feeling did not last very long & my skin, especially on my cheeks, felt dry after a while (I have mature vtvplus.vnbination skin). This was disappointing as it is the type of consistency I like on my skin, I think I need a cream with more ingredients to hydrate me.

This is a good basic moisturiser just not right for my skin type. I think it would work well for oilier skins and younger people who don't need all the help us oldies vì chưng, so I will revtvplus.vnmover it but only give sầu 3 stars. I will finish using it và make sure my night cream is very hydrating and that I keep using a good serum