Now you see me 2

Now You See Me 2

The Horsemen ride again in this sequel to the 2013 hit — và this time the magic has disappeared

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The Horsemen — Dave Franco, Lizzy Caplan, Jesse Eisenberg và Woody Harrelson — in 'Now You See Me 2,' the sequel to lớn the 2013 hit.

Jay Maidment

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If you fell for the 2013 original — và surprisingly, many did — then Now You See Me 2 has got your number. For the rest of us, however, this longer, louder sequel adds up khổng lồ what one character calls “a sack of nada.” Returning are the Horseman, magicians played by the talented likes of Jesse Eisenberg, Dave Franco và comic MVP Woody Harrelson, who gets khổng lồ swan around as his own evil twin. The Horsemen are renegade Robin Hoods, using tricks khổng lồ expose corporate baddies to lớn benefit you, me & other poor suckers. (Isla Fisher, the fourth Horsemen, decided to lớn sit the sequel out. Wise woman.)

Good sport Lizzy Caplan steps in as Lula, the babe who can pull the rug out from under the guys. She once pulled a hat out of a rabbit, such is the cấp độ of clever in the script by Ed Solomon. The Horsemen are zapped lớn Macao khổng lồ take on their — ta-da — biggest case, a nasty deed of malfeasance that involves Daniel Radcliffe as an elfin baddie hellbent on stealing a computer cpu that can control all other computer chips. Michael Caine & Morgan Freeman return in roles considerably below their pay grade. Và Mark Ruffalo runs himself ragged as the F.B.I. Agent who’s really working for the Horsemen.

Still with me? No worries. There won’t be a test. No one could pass it. Director Jon M. Chu, in for the original’s Louis Leterrier, made his bones staging Step Up movies and he choreographs the magic with welcome flair. But the movie itself gets away from him, piling on one preposterous twist after another until you wish the Horsemen would make you disappear. It’s fun to lớn be fooled. But Now You See Me 2 leaves viewers feeling scammed. There’s a difference.