The* naturie hatomugi skin conditioning gel review


Naturie is a Japanese skincare brand with Hatomugi, also known as Job’s tears as their star ingredient. This gel serum moisturizer comes in a large container of 180g, pretty generous for a moisturizer don’t you think?! Also, another plus, not only can you use this moisturizer for your face, but you can also use it for your toàn thân too.

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Many Japanese skincare has hyaluronic acid as their main moisturizing ingredient, but not this one! This gorgeous big pot has Job’s tears as their moisturizing ingredient. 

What are Job’s tears?



Hatomugi in Japanese, also known as Job’s tears, Pearl Barley or Coix lacryma-jobi in the Western world, is often used in skincare products, especially in Asian skincare formulations. It’s part of the grass (Poaceae) family, a diverse phối of plants that includes bamboo, rice, and the grass that you see on a typical lawn. Job’s Tears gets its name from its tear-shaped pods.

Job’s tears has many skincare benefits lượt thích moisturizing the skin & balancing the skintone. It’s high in vitamin B3, also known as Niacin, which is known lớn help brighten skin and evens out the complexion. If you suffer from damaged skin, uneven skin, or dark spots, then Job’s Tears may be worth trying.

The review

The Skin Conditioning Gel has a light gellish/bouncy trắng texture & since it’s fragrance-free it doesn’t smell lượt thích anything. It’s pretty thin, pretty watery for a moisturizer. Definitely not like a cream, however it does moisturize my skin và makes my skin feel more plump. 

This gel moisturizer glides smoothly on the skin and doesn’t feel heavy or sticky. It’s very light and absorbs really quickly. Also, since it’s so lightweight, this gel serum is perfect for even the oiliest or driest faces và bodies.

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Naturie suggests that you use this as a pre moisturizer serum, but you don’t have too. You can wear this amazing all in one gel on its own. Personally, I don’t use an extra moisturizer on top of the skin conditioning gel, I use it after a lotion và my skin feels pretty much moisturized already. During the day I do apply SPF after, because we all know that SPF is a must.

It’s suitable for all skin type, if you have oily skin, this lightweight gel would be perfect for you as it won’t make your skin feels greasy. Và if you have dry skin, you can use this product as a pre moisturizing serum khổng lồ give you a moisturizing boost.

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I really love this gorgeous all in one goodie & would definitely recommend this product because it’s a multi-tasking moisturizer, non-sticky, has a cooling effect, mild even for sensitive skin and has no strong fragrance.