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You may not have sầu heard of this but this popular Korean beauty brvà, Laneige, which is taking the world by storm, had its inspiration plucked out from the French word, ‘la neige’. It simply means ‘snow’. Through công nghệ, they transformed water inlớn dynamic moisture energy – sort of a drink concocted just for the skin lớn drink. And they made some of the best ‘skin drinks’ that had changed my impression of this Korean beauty brand which has become such a popular skincare brand in Asia.

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We’ve sầu all heard about their best-selling sleeping mask which I have sầu not yet tried it but I’ve tried their White Plus Renew Capsule Sleeping pack which works on my skin lượt thích magic. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and supple the next morning. And that caught my attention about Laneige products but I didn’t always stochồng up on their products as it was somewhat quite costly. But thank goodness, it isn’t as expensive as other high-end skincare brands. It’s more expensive sầu than drugstore products but at least, it doesn’t usually go beyond $80 for each sản phẩm.

Thanks to lớn Sephora, this time I got to lớn try out their Water Bank Essence, White Plus Renew Skin Refiner và White Plus Renew Emulsion. These three products cost me around $150 in total & boy, it was worth it considering that the hàng hóa could probably last you about four lớn six months if you use it consistently on a daily basis. That’s simply because you only need a couple of drops of the hàng hóa to enjoy its benefits. That’s the beauty of Laneige products – a ‘snowflake’-kích cỡ of the product is all you need to lớn transform the texture of your skin.

Currently, I am just sticking khổng lồ these three products và have incorporated them into my skincare routine. I used these three products twice daily after cleansing. In the morning, I could phối in a couple drops of my sunscreen into lớn the White Plus Renew skin Refiner to lớn protect my skin against UV rays. And that’s about it. This is another reason why I’m really starting to enjoy these products because it has helped me to keep my skincare routine minimal. I no longer have sầu khổng lồ slap on a bunch of beauty products just lớn ‘quench’ that thirst my skin has. In fact, I just needed the emulsion and the essence khổng lồ give sầu my skin a beauty glow every morning.

I ordered all these products online at Sephora Singapore website & they provide miễn phí shipping for orders $40 & above sầu. It took less than a week for the products to be delivered to my doorstep. It’s a fuss-không tính phí experience without having to lớn visit the Sephora store physically if you already know what you want. Otherwise, it is also great lớn make the trip down lớn the store just to chạy thử out the sản phẩm on your skin and get more information from their sale assistants.

Laneige White Plus Renew Refiner (SGD 45) 

While I was doing my research on Laneige products, I wasn’t quite sure what’s the difference between toner, refiner, emulsions, essence and moisturiser. It was quite confusing & I vì chưng not know what exactly I need & what I should be using. But perhaps the brvà itself is just using another name for their products & what I realised is that you don’t really need khổng lồ pile on a lot of products when they are actually performing the same functions.

Based on the product mô tả tìm kiếm, it turns out that the refiner is actually a toner which is lớn be used after cleansing. It could be applied onkhổng lồ a cotton pad which is to lớn be swiped across our face và neông chồng areas. It was also mentioned in the mô tả tìm kiếm that the refiner ‘helps to maintain the optimal water-oil balance of the skin and moisturises just lượt thích what an emulsion or lotion does‘. Having said that, I could have just bought the emulsion unless I ran out of toner & needed another one. But since it does have sầu moisturising properties, I decided to use it as a moisturiser. So on days where I felt my skin was really oily và needed just a lightweight moisturiser, I would use a couple of drops of the refiner.

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For me, I would use some rosewater sprayed onkhổng lồ a cotton pad to lớn clean off any dirt, debris or sebum remaining on my skin after washing. Then, I would use about 2 drops of this White Plus Renew refiner and massage it evenly across my face with my fingers. Through this process, I discovered that the refiner actually helps to prep my skin for the moisturising step. It somehow helps lớn loông chồng up the moisture better when I apply the refiner before applying the moisturiser.

Laneige White Plus Renew Emulsion (SGD 45) (100ml)

And on days where I felt my skin is dehydrated và require a heavier moisturiser, I would go for this emulsion. One pump of the sản phẩm is all I required lớn ensure that my skin is well-moisturized. And rethành viên, you don’t require a lot of this product because it simply just acts as a ‘booster’ to execute its function of ‘whitening’ your skin.

The emulsion, lượt thích the refiner, is created using MelaCrusher™ giải pháp công nghệ that promotes the self-destruction of the melanin, leaving the skin complexion looking fairer and brighter. Perhaps this is why my skin tone looks more even after using the emulsion for a week now. Even my acne scars have lightened day by day.

It has a consistency similar khổng lồ a lotion và like all the other Laneige products, the skin soaks up the hàng hóa readily và it also carries that signature Laneige scent.

Laneige Water Bank Essence_EX (SGD 60)

If there is one sản phẩm I would recommkết thúc, it would have lớn be the Water Bank Essence. If you have a tight budget but want to lớn try Laneige products, you can skip their other products and dive sầu right into lớn this blue bottle of essence. I believe that this is their signature sản phẩm right after their sensational sleeping mask.

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This product makes use of botanical extracts to boost its hydration effects. The essence consists of Hydro-ion mineral water which are small ionised minerals that help lớn control moisture within the skin. This natural ion mineral is extracted from quinoa & it has amazing restorative sầu effects. This essence formula also consists of micro-sized olive oil to lớn help retain moisture as well as Tillandsia extract, which is a source of natural moisturising factor (NMF), betaine.

The consistency is more watery than the emulsion so it gets absorbs more readily inlớn the skin. I was definitely surprised that all these products really vì chưng suit my combination skin type. I have sầu enlarged pores which tkết thúc khổng lồ clog up very easily, leaving rough bumps on my skin. One of the ways khổng lồ reduce the appearance of such bumps is to lớn really keep the skin moist so as khổng lồ limit the oil & sebum production of the skin. And when your skin is well-balanced và hydration, you can kiss goodbye to any size of skin irritations. To be really honest, skincare isn’t that complicated. What our skin really needs is just water!