Laneige two tone lip bar


It gives glamorously sparkling Two Tone Lip, as if gloss was applied on vị trí cao nhất of Two Tone gradation makeup. Meet moisturized and glamorous lips tinted with Two Tone gradation.


Complete moisturized, sparkling and glamorous Two Tone Lip with new type of Two Tone Lip that has Two Tone Texture X Two Tone màu sắc of actress’ volume lip secret. 

Express high pigmentation through artistic color match and upgraded pure pigment for vibrant lip makeup


Technical features 

Make your own appeal through Two Tone Lip Bar that has artist’s color combination & gradation skill!


Oblique cutting naturally blurs the color border & creamy and smooth texture completes natural gradation.


Minimized the kích cỡ of color pigment & enhanced pixel through color pigment milling process. Even more vivid color pigment is applied to lớn lips with soft-landing-dispersion technology, so it is applied neatly and adheres to lớn lip better.


Gloss & Matte at once! Texture contrast effect maximizes the expression of glamorous lips. 1) Main color(high glossy): High gloss main color’s Micro Crystal structure applied with Long-Chain Gloss Polymer prevents moisture from evaporating và maintains long-lasting moisturized & glamorous lips. 2) Sub color(semi matte): Semi matte texture is applied softly & keeps the outer line of lips matte. It’s applied without smudge and lasts long.

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From now on, you don’t have to mix lip colors by yourself!

Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar combines 2 attractive colors in one lipstick, allowing you to express an artistic Two Tone lip makeup.

This new concept comes as a chất lượng square-edge lipstick with 2 colors combined diagonally.

Afraid of wearing strong colors on your lips? Then try these :2 - Red blossom

For natural gradation of your lips, try these :1 - Magenta Muse3 - Pink Salmon4 - Milk Blurring 6 - Pink Step 

For distinct và attractive color combination, try these :5 - Daring Darling8 - Neon Juice (discontinued)9 - Dolly Grape (discontinued)

*Results from the use of Beauty product above may vary depending upon the individual and will depend on multiple factors, including your age, gender, skin type & condition, use of other products used, health history, lifestyle, diet & others

Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar <9 Colors lớn Choose>
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Colouring, Lip Enhancement
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STEP 1. Lower lipMake the main color direct the inner side of lip & apply the lip bar 2-3 times.

STEP 2. Upper lipLikewise, make the main màu sắc direct the inner side & apply to lớn lip.

STEP 3. GradationClose the lips~

STEP 4. Gradation completeand xuất hiện the lips! & blur the màu sắc borders & make natural gradation. Artist’s attractive gradation lip makeup, high gloss from inner side of the lips and semi matte texture that keeps the outer line of the lips soft, is done!


How to lớn Use Two Tone Lip Bar More Stably và Conveniently

1. When you lower the button, lipstick goes up.2. Make sure to open the lid, when lowering the button.3. It can be easily broken, so lift the lipstick little by little.4. Pressing too hard on lips can push the lipstick back to lớn the container, so lightly apply the lipstick while holding the button with your thumb


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Người cần sử dụng review


Bought the màu sắc Juicy Pop. Very vibrant color, however, not so suitable for daily makeup. Very pigmented và long lasting. Won't feel too dry after applying. Recommended for person who prefer a bolder look.


it's pigmented but comes off really easily.


The folks at Laneige came up with a great idea with a two tone "lipstick" and I'll be the first to say that the colour payoff is great BUT (... & here is the big "but").Unless you have well exfoliated và moisturized lips, I would not recommend this. The formula leans towards semi-matte, so any dry patch(es) on your lips will be enhanced & the colour will look cakey on.I am a 21C in the Laneige colour chart and I bought the #03 Pink Salmon because a few đánh giá wrote that it looked the most natural & the photos were convincingly so BUT (here's the big "but" again), on my lips it was bright. Khổng lồ the point of neon orange và no matter which way I turned the lip bar, I looked wrong.It's a crying shame because other than the formula & colour (on me), this is a brilliant idea for a lip colour.

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Not worth the money, the lip bar will split into two.


Bought juicy pop và dear pink. The yellow màu sắc on juicy pop is actually not that bright therefore it blends well with the other color. Dear pink is recommended if you prefer more natural look.


Brought the no.4 Milk Blurring. The white màu sắc was not any effect but the red màu sắc was nice. Overall was a good lipstick, quite long lasting and color is nature. Will try other color in future & will Recommended to others.


Like this two tone lip bar. Will buy again in future.


Bought #13 Orange Blurring.. The colour is very natural but the colour is not too strong if you want something really obvious. Good for daily application. Quite hydrating


Love the màu sắc so much and matching with my skin color


bought <#14 Dear Pink> , the colour is just nice for natural makeup. It boost your looks. It's still bit drying for me.

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