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Giselle is a beauty và wellness writer and founder of Project Ajmãng cầu, a program khổng lồ help heal the skin & soul through Reiki, meditation, tarot, and holistic self-care exercises.

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Rhea Souhleris Grous is the founder of La Suite Skincare & an aesthetics speciadanh mục with more than two decades of skincare experience.

Confession time: I never really got inkhổng lồ K-Beauty. My beautyroutine is way too time-consuming as it is to lớn add even more steps khổng lồ it. I"ve dabbled here & there, as I"m a sucker for xinh đẹp packaging và a sheet mask, but I"ve yet khổng lồ find a brand khổng lồ convince me.

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When beauty insider faveBeautyMART(who was well-known for having crystal ball-lượt thích vision for spottingtrends) launched Korean br& It"s Skina few years ago, I was intrigued. The cult Cookie và Hvà Cream became one of my desk staples, and It"s Skin have sầu recently caught my attention again.

Founded: Lee Juh-Yeong in 2006

Based In: Seoul, South Korea

Pricing: $$

Best Known For: Clinical skincare solutions (in fun, colorful packaging) at an affordable price

Most PopularProduct: Power 10 Skin Serums

Fun Fact: The super popular K-Pop boy group, TXT is one of the faces of the brand

Other Brands You’ll Love: cosrx, Dr. Jart

It"s Skin is dedicated khổng lồ providing skincare solutions for all skin types and a wide variety of skin conditions. The brand"s motlớn, “Come face to lớn face with the most accurate ‘you’ through the combination of skin retìm kiếm giải pháp công nghệ and individuality” is a testament to lớn their commitment lớn providing skincare solutions for any và everyone. The brand"s incredibly popular Power 10 Formula serums (which have sầu sold over 21 million units worldwide), packaged in signature rainbow colored bottles, are tailor made to a variety of different skin conditions. There"s the green tea extract serum meant lớn calm inflamed skin, the vitamin B6 serum meant to lớn soothe fine lines, the brightening licorice root extract serum to lớn fade scars và calm redness—the danh sách goes on...well, six more serums khổng lồ be exact. The brvà also makes a variety of sheet masks & their ultra-popular concentrated cream capsules.

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With all this said and the fact that the hvà creammade me very happy, I thought I"d try out the rest of the It"s Skin range to lớn see if the skincare could deliver results và convince me to lớn give Korean beauty another shot.

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