Up until a couple of months ago, I had no idea what a Foreo was. I had pretty much signed off of using ‘cleansing gadgets’ after trying a few & finding them too harsh on my dry, sensitive skin. The idea of a pulsating, waterproof, silicone-bristled device sounded so much more gentle & non-abrasive sầu that I will admit, my curiosity was piqued. So naturally I had lớn give the uber đáng yêu Foreo Lumãng cầu Mini 2* a try & see what all the fuss was about!


How Foreo Works

Let’s get the tech jargon out of the way with a quick description of what a Foreo device actually is and how it is supposed lớn work. Foreo is quite innovative, using T-Sonic™ pulsations và it’s silicone ‘nubs’ (Ohhhh, such a technical term, Jaime!) to give the skin a gentle yet effective sầu cleanse. Unlượt thích actual bristle brushes that spin or vibrate and can actually cause microscopic abrasions in the skin, Foreo’s super soft silicone ‘touch points’ pulsate to lớn dislodge impurities in the pores. These silicone textures và the shape of the Foreo Lumãng cầu Mini 2 really help get inlớn all the nooks and crannies, like around the nose và chin which are a blackhead haven.

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How I Use my Foreo Lumãng cầu Mini 2

Foreo’s are meant to lớn be used morning và evening, for one minute with a cleanser of your choice (obviously not something grainy or exfoliating. I prefer lớn use mine just once a day, in the evening as my second cleanse, as I find all my nighttime skincare routine really sinks into my skin so much nicer và really does seem to be more effective sầu. Because my skin is dry, I don’t feel the need khổng lồ get too grime busting in the morning & usually just cleanser as usual with a milky cleanser. With a twice a day routine the battery lasts an incredible 5 months, and it charges via USB which is so convenient.

There are 8 different intensities on the Foreo Luna Mini 2, which means you can customize it khổng lồ your liking, and to be totally honest, I haven’t totally convinced myself that I found one lớn be any better than the other.

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On nights where I know I can see my skin is on the verge of breaking out, I might go with a gentler intensity as to lớn not irritate already inflamed skin. The Foreo times itself for how long lớn spover in one place on the face, and gives a double pulse when it is time to lớn move on which takes the guesswork out of the equation. Even easier, Foreo is totally waterproof, and the silicone exterior rinses clean with water – which means no grimy brushes or costly brush heads!!


Final Thoughts & Results Using Foreo

After using my Foreo Lumãng cầu Mini 2 on and off for 2 solid months, I can say that it is a really enjoyable way lớn cleanse the skin. After using in the evening, my face feels plump, radiant & super smooth! My biggest concern was breakouts và if there was a ‘purging period’ like with some devices, but I didn’t notice any of that. To be honest, I really didn’t notice the Foreo affecting breakout trouble areas in either a negative sầu or positive way. What I did notice a big change in was the amount of redness in my skin. For years I suffered due to lớn reactive, red skin – especially around the cheeks & jaw. I’ve noticed a huge decrease in this in the last few months, as well as a drop in flaky patches or dehydrated spots. I feel lượt thích my skincare serums, oils và other treatments are absorbing into the skin and getting lớn work that much better! In the past when I used bristle brush style devices, they left my skin hot và red for a good 20 minutes while it settled & calmed, & there is no down time needed with Foreo.

Foreo comes in several models and styles và the Luna Mini 2 comes in 6 shades. I’ve now got my eyes on the Foreo Issa Toothbrush (because how freaking cool is that!?) – has anyone tried this?

Let me know what your thoughts on Foreo products are in the comments below, I’d love to lớn hear if you’ve sầu tried it or if it’s on your wish list!