Alright then, are you ready for Cushion Foundation Week 2 on My Women Stuff?!For the uninitiated, you can view the brands featured in the first round-up of this nature here. This round however, by popular demand, Cushion Foundation Week will focus only on Korean brand BB cushions.

Naturally, I will not have ALL the brands in the market – Korean brands aren’t all that generous at providing samples, unlượt thích the Western brands I worked with before this – but I have enough to lớn take you through 7 (yes, count that) SEVEN days of Cushion Foundations. This time, we will have a whole WEEK of cushions và then on Day 8 (if I have sầu not yet collapsed from exhaustion), I’ll give you a round up, & on Day 9 (Yes, I’ve thought this through) I’ll do you a quiông xã comparison of Korean vs Western brand cushions based on what I’ve tested so far.

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Whew! There’s a lot to get through so, fasten your seatbelts, here we go!


I’m kicking off Cushion Foundation Week 2 (the K-Beauty edition) with the very first cushion I ever used, from popular BB cushion brvà, Laneige. This is the lachạy thử năm nhâm thìn iteration of the popular favourite, & the one featured today is the Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control SPF50+ PA+++. A few days later, you will see another Laneige cushion – there are 2 versions. I’m not that careless to lớn double-count LOL!