La Roche-Posay Uvidea XL BB Cream is a tinted BB cream lớn cover imperfections that blends with the natural skin tone, for a unified and radiant vtvplus.vnplexion. It has inbuilt UV protection. Tinted BB cream ideal for normal lớn dry sensitive sầu skin types. Uvidea BB Cream has a hydrating and smooth melt-in texture that quickly penetrates the skin, providing an excellent make-up solution. It contains light reflecting pigments khổng lồ vtvplus.vnplement the skins natural tone and easily covers blemishes, fine lines và dark spots. Uvidea XL BB Cream also provides high UVA/UVB protection. Fragrance-không tính phí, non-vtvplus.vnedogenic and hypoallergenic formulation. Available in three shades: 01 Light, 02 Medium & 03 Fair.

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I like the way that this BB cream is also a 50+ SPF sunscreen. It feels nice on my skin but I don't think there is a great colour palette lớn choose from. I need khổng lồ blend this product with other BB creams khổng lồ get the ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá look for my skin type.

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I purchased this La Roche- Posey Uvidea XL BB Cream in the shade 03 Fair after previously buying the shade 01 Light and finding it too dark. The shades are quite confusing as 01 is usually the lighdemo. The 03 Fair is not a true fair shade in my opinion, unless you are fair with a beige tan! Having said all that (please more shades like a Very Fair) I love sầu the formulation of this cream. To get 50 broad spectrum into lớn such a light cream is amazing. The formula reflects light & the pigment is very subtle so provides a gorgeous finish. A high chất lượng product for a fair price from a French br& with impeccable sun protection credentials.


This BB face sunbloông chồng provides a good protection however, I struggled khổng lồ match it with my skin tone và it was noticeable và never blended in. I did not mind the texture or smell.I would not be re-purchasing this sản phẩm. I vị lượt thích other products from this brand which I keep re-purchasing.

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Upon revtvplus.vnmendation from a friover I decided lớn give this sản phẩm a go as it was half price và I had a work conference last summer which involved some time outdoors. As I was concerned about my face getting sunburnt I thought this could be a good solution in place of my usual makeup, as it is tinted and vtvplus.vnes in 3 shades. I chose the shade medium which is a good match for my skin tone. I noticed on the box it is described as light, fresh, & intensely hydrating. It is also described as non-oily. I must say I bởi not entirely agree with that as I did not really find it “intensely” hydrating. While it does contain some moisturising ingredients like shea butter và Vi-Ta-Min E, I did not really find this as hydrating as the box claims. I also found this hàng hóa was oily lớn some extent, so to describe it as non-oily is not accurate và possibly misleading. To me this BB cream applied evenly and nicely with no streakiness or patchiness, & it did not exacerbate the appearance of my skin’s fine lines & pores. However it left a slightly oily sheen and I felt the need khổng lồ mitigate that with a setting powder lớn mattify it a little. I found the coverage decent và buildable, và a little goes a long way. The tube kích cỡ is 30ml which is like most foundations, however I think this would last a fair while. I have sầu only used this a few times so I still have sầu a mostly full tube. The tube has a narrow nozzle so you can control the amount of product you dispense, which is helpful as some people may wish to use less & others more. I will continue khổng lồ use this when I am likely to be outdoors, but I will definitely have sầu to keep using a setting powder as the oiliness would start khổng lồ bother me after a while.

People needing high broad spectrum SPF protection and decent coverage to lớn even out skin tone. May not be ideal for people with very oily skin types.