Ngon Restaurant (Quan An Ngon), Hanoi

“A southern import, this open-air food court is a good place khổng lồ sample upmarket street food in pleasant surroundings.”

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"Ngon means "delicious" in Vietnamese, and this lively restaurant and its extensive thực đơn live up to lớn its name."Full review
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"Sit at simple tables phối in a pretty alfresco villa courtyard & enjoy traditional Vietnamese dishes served from the surrounding mock street-food stalls."
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"The owner recruited an all-star roster of street-food vendors lớn cook their signature dishes in the courtyard of an old villa, added menus and table service...the quality is excellent."Full review
"Known among Hanoi locals và expats for its lively atmosphere, this noted eatery has specialties from northern, central, và southern Vietnam."Full review
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