Peripera Vivid Tint Water Mini Juice Box By Clio Professional

Today I"m going to lớn be talking about the Peripera Vivid Tint Water! These little tints look so cute & they are the first products that I have ever tried from Peripera!
"Real fruit extract khổng lồ give clear color with water tintVital real fruit màu sắc to give vivid màu sắc with one application. Vitamin A, B và C gives healthy vital lip care.Sweet fruit scent."(1)

These tints have super dễ thương cardboard packaging that has pictures of the fruit on the front và even a nutrition facts section on the side. They look like little juice cartons which is incredibly adorable.

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They"re pretty small và squat, so are really easy lớn store nicely and the fit well into my handbag for touch ups. They have a doe foot applicator for precise application, but the handle of the applicator is quite small so they can be slightly awkward khổng lồ apply.

There are five shades in the collection & the shade range is really nice. Since they are water tints they vày feather quite a lot as you can see on my arm, so making sure there isn"t too much tint on the applicator is important for a good application.

This is a really nice colour for my complexion and it has great colour payoff. This shade seemed to have the best formula of the 5 & does a good job of applying colour evenly across my lips. This shade also has a very sweet berry scent and taste.
Peach Squeeze is a vibrant coral shade. I don"t see this shade being peach at all, it almost veers into red if anything.

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This shade is super vibrant, but it just doesn"t stain my lips evenly. It does over up looking quite patchy when you look closely at my lips, but from far away it still looks beautiful. Peach Squeeze actually smells and tastes lượt thích Peaches too!
This shade has a very sheer formula which makes it very different from the other 4 shades that have very vivid pigmentation. I honestly don"t mind this because it still looks lovely và applies well, but it is odd that one shade is so different lớn the rest. This shade has a strong táo apple scent & taste which I love!
Grapefruit Squeeze is so neon that you can immediately see how patchy the formula looks on my lips. The colour is beautiful, but the formula is my least favourite. This is also scented and flavoured lượt thích Grapefruit which is actually my least favourite flavour out of the 5 shades as it is quite bitter.
I was expecting Plum Squeeze to lớn be much deeper và purpler in tone, whereas the colour that it actually is is a beautiful classic blue toned red. This shade is pretty good and usually applies evenly, but sometimes it can be a little patchy around the outside of my lip line. I assume this smells và tastes like plum, but for me it just smells like berries.
All in all the colour range is very beautiful, but apple Squeeze does stand out as the least pigmented, and Grapefruit Squeeze stands out as the patchiest.
A lot of time time if I haven"t done enough lip prep the applications will look more lượt thích this, there are just random patches where the sản phẩm won"t adhere and it can sink into my lip lines if my lips are very dehydrated too.
After a 6 hour work shift, dinner và no reapplication, this is what my lips look like. They actually last pretty well, but I tend khổng lồ eat the centre of my lipstains off when I eat so this is pretty normal for me. It doesn"t actually look this bad in real life, but the more vibrant colours don"t wear off very gracefully without help. It is very easy to lớn reapply the new colour after eating, so there is no issue there for me.
- Super dễ thương packaging- Beautiful colour range - Vibrant colour payoff (aside from Apple)- Lovely scent & taste throughout the range- Pretty good longevity- Easy khổng lồ reapply after eating- Mostly inexpensive at about $6USD each
- Packaging can make them slightly difficult to lớn apply- hãng apple Squeeze is so sheer in comparison khổng lồ the other shades- Some formulas are quite patchy on the lips
I think these little tints are pretty good value! They"re obviously really cute, they"re easy khổng lồ take with you for cảm biến ups and have a beautiful colour range. They"re also the first tints I"ve come across that all have a different taste & scent for each colour, which adds on that little extra touch to lớn make them stand out. I am a little disappointed in the formula of some of the shades, they just are not uniform across the range which can be quite frustrating when one colour is great and the other colour is terrible. All in all they are not bad at all và would actually make great gifts since the packaging is so unique!
I would recommend the Peripera Vivid Tint Water to any Princesses who are looking for super cute, vivid water tints!

Thanks for the review. It was helpful for me in deciding the colours i want lớn get. Just an opinion, but lip tints are normally better for doing gradations (inner center of the lip) not so good for colouring the entire lip since its watery it gets patchy.

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