Looking into my first foray into the world of trang chủ Cinema (away from my current Panasonic DVD 5.1 All In One system).

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I am looking at getting an Onkyo system và have sầu sort of landed on this one, which appears to be a new model for 2012.Onkyo | HT-S4505That looks like it would serve sầu me well (& I could always look to lớn perhaps upgrade the supplied speakers in due course if I felt a desire khổng lồ.Cheapest place that currently has it "in stock" is Scanview (anyone used them?)ONKYO HTS4505 || ONKYO HOME CINEMA PACKAGE || ONKYO feature || ONKYOMost other places (Peter Tyson, Newcastle Hifi) have sầu it at £499.Anyone already have sầu one of these systems, or have any links khổng lồ reviews (Searched google and can"t find any!)Would this be a good first system?! Thanks all!

Thanks very much, just read all of the datasheet on the Onkyo site and got lớn say it all sounds great. Does it play .mkv or .mt2s files through external hdd? Might order it in the morning :-D
Did you take the plunge & go for it? Must admit, I don"t know, I"m pretty sure it doesn"t play MKV / MT2S files via the USB port on the front (and there"s nothing around the back), although I"ve sầu not tried it! According lớn the manual, it"ll only play audio files via the USB (MP3/WMA/AAC/M4A/MP4