Ultimate cover cc cushion spf50+ pa+++ with refill

Review of a cushion foundation I got recently and this might even be my all time favorite cushion foundation! This is O HUI Ultimate Cover Cushion Moisture!
This cushion is available in a regular packaging all year round but recently O Hui came up with a special phối in collaboration with Asiana Airlines. I got it in June if I"m not wrong and I think it"s a bit difficult khổng lồ find it now as it was a limited edition. That said as I really love this cushion I wanted to nhận xét it here because you can still get the normal edition that is as I said one of my favorite cushion now!

O Hui is a Korean cosmetics that belongs lớn LG Household và Health Care, just lượt thích The History of Who, Su:m37, belif or The Face Shop. It"s a high over brand that focuses on công nghệ to produce gentle and effective products with very clean esthetics.

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The Ultimate Cover Cushion Moisture is as the name suggests a medium khổng lồ high coverage cushion that provides moisture. It"s ideally suited for people with dry to lớn normal skin I would say.
I"m normal khổng lồ slightly full bộ and sometimes have so dry patches around my nose. This cushion has never emphasized any dry patches & always made my skin flawless và velvety.
Finish isdewy or velvety,on the natural side, it"s not overly dewy or shiny although it"s a moisture cushion. I don"t powder it, only in-between my brows where my frames touch my skin (that"s what I bởi with any foundation), & it lasts all day on me. It starts lớn disappear at the end of the day but it disappears in an even way, so I don"t mind it. I"m actually impressed by its lasting powder conisdering that"s it"s a moisture cushion.
Coverage is medium with 1 layer but you can easily build it khổng lồ almost full coverage (see picture below).

Note that my hand is much darker than my face or under arm area (that"s why the foundation looks super light in the picture below). I was not careful enough with applying sunscreen on my hands this summer...On the above picture, you can see a comparison between this cushion in shade 01 Milk Beige & the new Dior Backstage foundation in shade 1N. They look quite different on the swatch but both match my face perfectly :D
Up to now my favorite cushion was Hera UV mist cushion (reviewed here) because it looks so natural, never emphasizes dryness or imperfections và because it feels lightweight. The O Hui Ultimate Cover cushion Moisture is a bit similar but provides more coverage while still being lightweight & totally natural. Honestly one of my all time favorite cushions!!
In this special mix it comes with a mini lipstick & a refill (the refill is under the plastic support in the box, not easy to lớn find :D ).

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The Ultimate Cover Cushion Moisture can be found here for USD 44.98 (at the moment USD 38.23). It comes with a refill.
Hi, I"m Karine, a scientist during the day & a beauty enthusiast at night. Welcome khổng lồ my little space where I cốt truyện about nails, skincare, Korean beauty, makeup và beauty in all its forms.

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