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Similarly lớn the likes of the Chanel jacket or the Dior silhouette, Nike’s Air Max 97 has become an integrated and iconic piece in the sportswear world. To this day, the sneakers still entice customers into lớn buying the pair, even though it’s an extremely well-known design that billions of people might already have sầu in their wardrobe. Still, in an extremely fickle industry such as luxury retail, longevity (especially for two decades) is a feat.

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An iconic design will never be irrelevant in the luxury retail industry. Even when there is a multitude of other items that are supposed to lớn rival an iconic piece, the latter has more chances of standing out & winning. It may not be common knowledge, but sneaker culture has seen a few iconic items through the years. To this day, such pieces still achieve sầu retail success và are bought each and every day. A prominent example is Nike’s Air Max 97 sneakers.

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Release date: 1997 (Tribute collection: 2017)

The now-iconic sneakers were first released back in 1997 when sportswear was just emerging as a new và exciting market in the retail industry. The shoes have sầu a special relationship with nhật bản, & through this, they became highly-demanded in the Eastern Asian market. In 2017, twenty years after the shoes’ debut, the American sportswear behemoth released a myriad of new colorways of the model in celebration of the milestone. Each pair can cost about $150 lớn $190.


When one hears the words ‘Nike Air Max 97,’ it’s most likely that there’s already an image in one’s head. The shoes’ iconic thiết kế still stands out in the luxury sportswear label’s premier range of shoes, especially with the exciting new colorways. Inspired by the bullet trains in nhật bản, the sneakers’ wavelength-lines inspire speed & precision to the wearer, even though such a feature don’t necessarily hold any technological advancements. The new colorways offer more eye-catching touches khổng lồ the design, particularly those that are metallic or multi-colored.

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The designs và colorways are ultimately the shoes’ main attraction, và while they’re show-stopping, they don’t necessarily compensate for what the shoe lacks. Aside from the beloved Max Air cushioning, which is also found in other Nike Air Max models, the Air Max 97 sneakers offer no innovation when it comes to lớn sportswear shoes. While other brands have sầu reinvented their own classic models with technological advancements that help the wearers with their athletic endeavors, Nike’s Air Max 97 stays practically the same after all these twenty years.

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