Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom Review


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Ni No Kuni did not mess around. Near the very start of its narrative, the plucky young Oliver has just witnessed the death of his mother after suffering a near death experience himself. While some of you may equate the Level-5 và Ghibli project with xinh đẹp monsters & Pokemon aspects, the secret, subtle, và constant hurt of Oliver stuck with me.

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I didn’t have that same emotional reaction withNi no Kuni II, but given that it’s somewhat of a collective of what Level-5 has learned so far in their storied career, it works well enough as a follow-up.


Perhaps the reason why Revanant Kingdomfeels so spread thin is that it tries to vì so much in an effort lớn back up the narrative of Evan’s reclamation myth, perhaps best realized through its kindom building aspect. Immediately bringing back some fondDark Cloudmemories (hey, that was also created by Level-5!), your kingdom, Evermore, collects resources in real-time, which are used to buy services, upgrades, & buildings.

It’s a fun little meta-game that rarely ever gates off the campaign, provides respite, và ties a meaningful sense of progression khổng lồ sidequests as many happy errand taskmasters will join your kingdom as working citizens.Revenant Kingdomis a rich world full of life, & connecting with NPCs, even by way of small errands, then living with them in perpetuity is emotional enough of a connection for me.

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Then there’s the whole business of world bản đồ fighting — và I’m not talking about walking into a skirmish while exploring. It’s a full-on real-time strategy-esque affair, with different types of rock/paper/scissor style troops, skirmish-specific abilities, & its own level-up system. All of that is independent from going on major quests, & depending on your perspective these gaidens either create more busywork that slow critical path progress or serve as worldbuilding.

It’s taxing, thinking about all of the different facets coming together in Revenant Kingdom, & whether or not they succeed. Even while breezing through some quái vật battles I was doing it with a smile on my face, và having to lớn wait trăng tròn minutes to earn the currency for a shipyard (so that I could upgrade my vessel and continue on with the story) was offset by finishing a few errands và scoring some new crucial members of my kingdom’s workforce. I know it’s rote, it feels rote, but I never felt lượt thích I needed to lớn take a break or shut off the game.


One thing no one needs lớn worry about is the amount of care that went into re-creating the magic of the first game. The score is fantastic & moving, và the visuals are incredible as are the character designs. Ghibli as an entity might not be working on this sequel directly, but a few members of their team did help bring it lớn life. With the exception of Evan, the English performances are fine, but since you can swap to lớn Japanese on the main menu from minute one this isn’t even something worth thinking about longer than it takes to tick a menu box.

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Level-5 is more than capable of dumping out healthy portions of its secret sauce on đứng đầu of its games, but the combat of Ni no Kuni IIand its attempt to vị so many different things can hold it back.From the first hour I was mesmerized và captivated, willing to lớn see its tale through until the end. While it does fall into some genre trappings & doesn’t feel quite as epic in scale compared khổng lồ the first, Level-5 has the uncanny ability lớn keep the memory và magic of the JRPG alive.