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I bought this on a whim on my way out of Incheon Airport because I knew I needed a peeling gel to replace my Origins Modern Friction scrub. I wanted a chemical peel because I found that the Modern Friction scrub was a bit too rough on my skin and didn"t really vì chưng much when it came to lớn my blackheads.Description (taken from effect: Caffeine, chlorella and green tea extracts restore skin exhausted by stress and harmful oxygenExcellent peeling effect: Fruit acids remove dead skin cell & promote skin rejuvenation. Gives you dramatic visible effect which dead skin cells và cellulose come outLess irritation: Containing fruit extract & skin soothe ingredients, it leaves less irritation when peeling, provides moisture after peeling and just leaves moist feelingBrightening: Milk và morus bombycis root extract make your skin clean and clear after peelingAfter washing your face apply appropriate amount, mát xa thoroughly until all dead skin cells và impurities peel off, wash off with lukewarm water My impression:Similar khổng lồ The Saem"s Dr. Beauty Micro-Peel Soft Gel, this one comes out as milky white và doesn"t feel like a pure liquid gel in that there are little beads/fruit extracts. Once I put it on my face, I already feel the texture as if dead skin is rubbing off my face, but I"ve just started khổng lồ put it ON my face, I wasn"t even onto massaging it.

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So I guess it"s something that"s inside the gel lớn begin with.Using Missha"s detoxifying peeling gel, I definitely feel some of their claims: less irritation, brightening, & a peeling effect in that dirt & dead skin sloughs off my face. However, in terms of smoothness, I found that this peeling gel did not work as well as The Saem"s Micro-Peel Soft Gel, maybe because The Saem"s actually has micro-dermabrasion beads. & in terms of blackheads, I actually find that Skinfood"s đen Sugar Scrub Foam was better at getting rid of those.But otherwise, the effect of all these peeling gels that I"ve tried is quite similar. However, I recently read that Missha"s Super Aqua Oxygen Micro Essence Peeling seems lớn be getting better reviews, so I"ll probably try that one or another one after I"m done with this one.On a side note, about the shape of the bottle, even though it"s hygienic, the plastic is not very bendable & thus I"m worried about how I"m going khổng lồ get all of the sản phẩm out when it"s settled down into the bottom..Summary:Less irritation than a scrub, brightens, peels, leads to lớn smoother skinFace doesn"t feel as smooth as when I used The Saem"s Micro-Peel Soft GelDoesn"t get rid of blackheads on my nose as well as Skinfood"s black Sugar Scrub Foam$13 for 100ml on eBayGrade: 3.5/5 because I feel The Saem"s was betterValue: 3.5/5 because it"s fairly inexpensive but the bottle isn"t very bendable so I"m not sure how I"m going lớn get all the hàng hóa out of this.Repurchase? No, I will be trying other ones.