I treated my hair with color…


I’ve sầu always wanted to lớn try experimenting with different hair colours, but having a corporate job meant that it was pretty impossible for me khổng lồ dye my hair anything other than brown or gold. My hair is also slightly damaged from all the bleaching, dyeing & perming from over the years, so I’m normally quite wary about trying any hair products that might further damage my hair. I was therefore, pretty interested in trying out some of the semi-permanent colour hair treatments that were popping up in the K-Beauty space that not only colour your hair for a short period of time, but also to lớn nourish và treat it. I heard some good things about the Missha 7 Days Coloring Hair Treatment, so decided khổng lồ pick up the ‘Pink Brown’ the last time I was in Seoul. I recently went on a 10-day holiday, so decided to lớn try it out!

Product Claims

The Missha 7 Days Coloring Hair Treatment claims to lớn create vivid hair colour in just 5 minutes, straight from the packaging – no mixing is required. It supposedly offers an easy way lớn create an ombre effect. The product also claims that this colour treatment will not damage your hair as it contains a highly concentrated ampoule khổng lồ nourish your hair for a glossy and shiny look.

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Missha also claims that the hair colour works on both dark và light hair, although individual effects may vary:


Despite the hàng hóa name, Missha states that the colour can last between 3 – 10 days depending on the condition of your hair.


Unfortunately, I was not able khổng lồ find the complete danh mục of ingredients, but key ingredients include:

Camellia OilKeratinCollagenSilk Amino AcidPanthenol

Packaging / Volume

The product comes in a 25ml squeezable pouch. Depending on your hair length & how much you want lớn colour, one pack is good for 1-3 uses (just cthất bại the lid after use khổng lồ save sầu the remainder for next time). I only coloured the ends of my hair, và I reckon that I have about 2 more uses left.

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How to lớn Use

After washing your hair, towel dry without using any other hair treatments Apply Colouring Hair Treatment to desired areasLeave on for 5 minutes, or 5-10 minutes for a more vivid colour, and then wash off with lukewarm waterDry your hair completely

Missha also provided these additional tips to lớn achieve a “salon-grade, natural-looking” ombre look:

Section off where you want the gradation khổng lồ stop by tieing the ends with elastic bands, and apply treatment evenlyUse a wide-tooth comb to comb your hair after applying the treatment to achieve sầu a more natural gradation

Some cautions for use:

Make sure that you dry your hair completely after washing off the treatment, as the colour may transfer lớn clothing or bedding while your hair is still wetColour may transfer after shampooing, so use a dark towel to lớn avoid staining light-coloured towels

My Thoughts

I found the hàng hóa very easy khổng lồ use – the texture of the Treatment is similar to conditioner, & I applied it directly to my hair using my hands. I ended up colouring my hands during the process but was able to lớn wash it off eventually. Next time, I may consider wearing gloves.

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The first time I tried it, I only applied a thin layer so the colour didn’t show up very well after I rinsed it off. I therefore, had khổng lồ vày it again, and this time I made sure to lớn apply a thicker layer và left it on for about 10 minutes before rinsing it off. As I was only colouring the ends of my hair, I used about 1/3 of the sản phẩm.

I was pretty happy with the results of my second go – I was really impressed with how well the colour stood out, after only leaving it on for 10 minutes (see below for before and after pics)!