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Milani Cosmetics is a brand that I have minimal experience with due to them only recently dipping their foot into the UK market. I decided the first hàng hóa I had to try from them is their baked blush. Oh, the rave review I have heard from bloggers, and makeup gurus alike have ignited my curiosity to lớn pick up this blush as quick as possible. I have been testing và wearing this blush for a while now & forming my own opinion so if you would like to hear more read on…

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Milani Baked Blush

Price: £11.50/$9.49

Shades: 12

Available at: Beauty Bay, Ulta, Target

What it claims: “Bring life to your cheeks with this high pigment baked blush. Avaliable in a wide mix of shades with colours suitable for all skin tones. Draw attention to lớn your cheekbones with this light weight silky smooth forumla complete with compact mirror and brush, perfect for on the go touch ups.”

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Courtesy of brand – Shade ‘Dolce Pink’

For drugstore packaging, this blush looks classy due to the gold design. One downside is that the packaging does feel very plasticky & cheap, but that is expected from a blush of this price point. Nevertheless, it does feel robust & that it would not break apart in my makeup bag.

One small feature that I rarely use but is a charming add-on is the second compartment under the blush that holds a little brush & mirror khổng lồ make the application on the go easy. I must say I have never used the brush as it does feel very cheap & scratchy, & I rarely find myself without my blush brushes anyway. However, the mirror is always a nice touch despite it being very small!


This blush is incredibly simple lớn apply! I merely use either my Real Techniques Blush Brush or my Zoeva Luxe Cheek Finish Brush depending on my mood & swirl that into the product & gently sweep that from the apple of my cheek to lớn the back of my cheekbone và along with my nose. I am someone that does enjoy a blown-out blush hence why I apply across the whole centre of my face as well.


As someone that has never really ventured into the world of baked blushes (or bronzers too if I am honest!) I was pleasantly surprised with this product. I have always been frightened of overdoing it & making it look like I have covered half my face in highlighter yet these blushes do not give that effect. They are wonderful at achieving that healthy, youthful glow which brightens up any look. The shimmer in these blushes catches the light gorgeously. I also found that these blushes will last for hours especially when mix with a good setting spray such as Urban Decay All Nighter.


Just by glancing at the swatches below, you can see how flattering the shade range is for a variety of skin tones. The spectrum from baby pinks và peaches khổng lồ deep berry hues offers an assortment to lớn pick from that will compliment your skin colour, undertone, personal taste and preference. My personal favourite is Luminoso which suits my skin tone and honestly, I love a peachy pink blush so this was right up my alley!

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Courtesy of brand

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Left to right: Sunset Passione, Petal Primavera, Rosa Romantica, Bella Bellini, Bella Rosa, Red Vino, Corallina, Bellissimo Bronz, Luminoso, Berry Amore, Rose D’Oro, Dolce Pink

ProsInexpensiveExtensive shade rangeBuildable pigment with just the right amount of shimmerElegant packaging designConsPackaging feels tackyI would prefer the sản phẩm to be a pound cheaper & not come with little brushFinal Thoughts

This is a failsafe blush. It is my go-to when my makeup is just not going the way I want it to. A sweep of this colour on my cheeks helps pull any look together và make my skin look lượt thích skin again which is something you can thua thảm when you have a heavier foundation on. I desperately want to lớn experiment with more of the shades và test out more products from Milani as a whole. So if you have not given this blush ago I would 100% recommend you pick on up you will not be disappointed!

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