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Maybelline Thủ đô New York FITme Concealer is a concealer that erases imperfections without hiding skin"s natural radiance. It contains an exclusive translucent primer base & micro-fine pigments khổng lồ match the skin tone effortlessly, creating a vtvplus.vnplexion that is miễn phí of waxes và oils. The formula is breathable and seamless và has a flawless finish. Available in six shades: Light, Fair, S&, Medium, Cafe và Deep.

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The fit me concealer loves up lớn the fit me range and there’s no vtvplus.vnplaints from me regarding this hàng hóa, even the price is amazing (especially when you get it on sale). The formula is so light weight và coverage is top notch. No creasing & another plus is that it can act as a tinted moisturiser when mixing it with your favourite everyday cream for a minimalist day.

I found this concealer khổng lồ be a good-quality concealer for those on a budget. It was long-lasting and I found that it provided good coverage for those dark under eye circles.

My only criticism is that it had a tendency lớn settle in the fine lines around my eyes và I had to give sầu it an additional blend at different points throughout the day.


Honestly I still don't understvà how there can be so many fitme foundations, but so little shades of concealer. None of these match me at all so I can never achieve sầu a desirable look. The formula itself covers nicely and the applicator is super small - which isn't exactly trending right now, but allows for more precise spot application.


I used this all the time as a teenager to lớn cover up any spots I had on my face. It works really well at concealing scars, even when that are dark spots. It did not feel heavy or oily on the skin và lasted majority of the day well.

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The colour matched my skin really well and I even got away with wearing just the concealer with no foundation. This is a great hàng hóa for people with sensitive skin and dark spots.

I have gone through multiple shades of this product, matching my skin tone depending on the season or if I want to brighten up my under eyes or just use it to lớn correct any blemishes or dark spots. It just works. It blends super easily, gives medium coverage with a radiant finish that never looks dry.

In my oil skin I set it with some powder and I use it as an all over skin perfector.

This is a great inexpensive sầu concealer that works well under any foundation, i would say this has medium coverage & is great for under the eyes. The formulation is quite nice, it doesn't have sầu a scent so is great for sensitive skin. The concealer itself is a nice consistency, not thichồng but still easily blend-able & provides good coverage. I particularly lượt thích this concealer with the FIT- me range.

Definitely worth a go if you're in the market for a concealer

Over all such a great concealer for it's price. It's cheap, available in most stores you hop inlớn and multi use for a range of makeup needs. It's not full coverage. I would say more light khổng lồ medium, but definitely buildable and not cakey.

PROS:> Available in supermarkets, chemists, pretty much anywhere you go khổng lồ, it's very popular.

> It's a great price for it's quality. Sometimes it's cheaper when you find sales on it

> Multi use. It's a concealer so we use it as a concealer haha! Yet I've found it can also be turned inlớn a really light foundation or tinted moisturizer. You can get a few dabs on your fingers & phối a little bit of your fave sầu moisturizer. Pat it on the face for light coverage on a good skin day. Or if you've sầu got a foundation và it's not quite the right shade for you, you can mix in the right shade fit me concealer & apply on your face it looks awesome.

I bởi this a lot with my fit me concealer whenever I've just got errands khổng lồ run or even when I've got events on depending on the coverage I want, shading. It can even be used as a highlight. So so great!

>Tonne of product.

> Wonderful lightweight & buildable consistency, and doesn't look cakey và too made up. Of course keep an eye on how much you put!

>Doesn't crease when you phối properly


>Make sure khổng lồ set it, otherwise it can crease a little bit and disappear throughout the day, not covering much on the face.

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> When wanting to lớn cover around the face, you have to lớn mix it with something else a little heavier so it covers enough otherwise its a really light best for under the eyes & not too much to cover.

> There is a great colour range avaiable, however not enough shades.

*Use a little when you first apply it. Then you can build as you go. It's got quite decent coverage so you may not need too much especially around the eyes.*Make sure you pichồng the right shade for the right purpose. If you're purchasing it for covering up breakouts & scars, get a shade closer to your skin tone. If you're wanting to lớn highlight get maybe two shades lighter than skin tone. Wanting to cover up bags? Get a tone lighter then your skin tone và maybe pinkish, peachy in colour, I made the mistake at first of getting the shade exactly to lớn my skin tone but I wanted to lớn cover my bags. I got frustrated when I saw it wasn't doing anything. It was the shade...*Best applied with slightly damp beauty blender or makeup sponge*Pay attention to lớn the shade when you try it in the store & outside in natural light they can be very different looking