Maybelline Baby Skin Pore EraserPrice: 299 pesosWeight: 22 ml.Availability: Maybelline Counters in Departments stores of malls and WatsonsOn contact, translucent gel melts on skin and instantly erases pores, lines & creases. Skin is instantly transformed into a perfect smooth canvass. All day - Skin is shine free, even và baby smooth. No Burden khổng lồ Skin. Guaranteed. The secret? Cherry extracts known for their antioxidant properties.

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I know you kept all of you hanging with a mere preview of this sản phẩm a few weeks ago. I needed ample time in road testing it. The odds are perfectly on my favor during the road test because the best way to thử nghiệm how good a primer is - is using it on a scorching hot day. Trust me, I have tested it inside an airconditioned room & even outside the office premises và my house.
Ok, let me start by saying that I have used three four (I forgot about the Revlon one) face primers in my life - ELF mineral infused face primer which I abolutely love, Revlon Photoready Primer which I am not gung ho about, & two high over products - Tarte Clean Slate 12 hr perfecting primer & the Benefit Porefessional. Maybelline is the cheapest out of all I have ever tried. Initially, the title itself claims that this is for erasing the pores. First thing that came up in my mind - Ahh liliit lang ang pores ko dito. (Ahhh, The appearance of my pores will just be minimized). When I tested the product and saw that it came in a clear gel form lượt thích my previous primers, I instantly went through the ingredients và found silica as one of its prime ingredients. That"s enough proof for me to buy itbecausemy previous primers have silica in them. I experienced no break outs using silicone based primers & even prolonged the longevity of my makeup.
The packaging reminds me a lot of the Etude House Pore Eraser. I think this is one of the most fun packaging Maybelline has ever come up with.
I use more than a pea size amount of this primer for my entire face.Here is the before and after shot of my face zoomed in so you can see my pores saying hello world!!
Without primerNotice my dry flaky patches và facial hairs? Macro shot at its finest.
With Maybelline Baby Skin Pore EraserCan you see the difference? Well, the difference is not really significant to lớn the point that my pores went invisible. That would be utterexaggerationif I tell you that my pores suddenly disappeared! You can see that it did minimized the appearance of my pores. It blurred the dry patches of my skin lượt thích magic. This picture evidently show that my skin got smoother.This primer, upon application, smoothens the hell out of my dry flaky skin. It created a very smooth and velvety texture better than Benefit, Tarte & ELF. I did not notice this much difference using my previous primers. This primer creates a flawless canvass for foundation application. Using this primer has made foundation application easier because it lessens patchy or streaky foundation. Blendingsuddenlybecomes easy as 1-2-3. My face feels so soft & supple after use. I tested this for four consecutive days & it did not cause me any break outs. (Take note: I easily break out using new products because I have sensitive skin). However, I do not recommend this for everyday use because it can definitely clog your pores. Let your skin breathe. This hàng hóa does not have a scent and it really feels lightweight.Can it prolong makeup wear? Scroll down to find out!
My freshly painted fez!
Izoom in mãng cầu yan!My face with no sign or oilies & creasing. Ohh except for my concealer, Artdeco Camouflage Concealer sits on the fine lines terribly.

After 9 hours of no retouching. I am a cảm biến up freak so preventing myself from touching up was the hardest part of this road test. Haha I commuted through public transportation, went inside the mall & walk under the sun.
My face is not as fresh as the before photo. However, you can definitely see that my concealer is still intact but with minimal fading. My nose and my tzone are a bit oily but nothing close khổng lồ being a greaseball. The redness of my pimple on my chin is showing because I touched it countless of times but unintentionally (kuno hehe, I was feeling my aching zit that was really big you know) throughout the day. My blush can hardly be seen but still there. I also have red patches on my forehead due to psoriasis but you can see that it is still covered.I think that it somehow prolonged the longevity of my makeup but nothing like the Tart Clean Slate Primer (this one doeslengthen the staying power nguồn of makeup like magic). However, it did prolonged my concealer so I think it is good enough because my undereye concealer always fades after 3-4 hrs.It kept my oilies at bay fairly well especially on my tzone area (my problem area during hot days). But please vị not expect it to keep your face matte throughout the day. It will not vày that at all. If you are looking for this effect, try using silicone based powders instead.
The price of this hàng hóa is the no. 1 factor that triggered me in buying this primer. Probably this is the cheapest primer in the local market (Philippines).It smooths out the surface of my face leaving it with a dreamy và velvety finish.

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No scent.It does not highlight the dry areas of my skin even those with psoriasis.It did not break me out.Somehow controlled my oilies.It kept my concealer intact for 9 hours but obviously with creasing & minimal fading.It makes foundation application easier.Minimizes the appearance of my pores.What I dislike about this primer:
I wish Maybelline will work more on the formula especially on oil control. I bet it can not prolong the foundation on very oily gals (I maybe wrong on this one, this just my opinion).

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Well, that"s it! I seriously recommend this khổng lồ all of my readers. For 299 pesos, I think this is a good primer. If you are looking for a sản phẩm that can minimize the appearance of your pores, this one is what you are looking for.
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