Seed starting potting mix organic soil

Professionally formulated soil phối with carefully screened blonde sphagnum peat with frost gold and a small amount of organic fertilizer for fast root development. The right choice for optimum growth of general organic indoor potting, organic ornamentals, seedlings, & cuttings – in trays và paper plugs.This organic professional seed starting soil mix is pH balanced (5.5), lightweight, specially formulated for fast root development, and helps build strong roots for healthy, vigorous plants.This seed starting soil mix is great for germinating most seedlings of organic vegetables, herbs, flowers, indoor ornamentals, fruits, succulents, cactus, and so on. It is 100% organic and all-natural seedling mix. This seed starting soil phối comes in small bags, great for garden starters, indoor home plant starting, và lovers of trang chủ gardening.This seed starting soil is packed in a reusable sealing bag, lớn keep the soil fresh when storing và easy to mở cửa and close with every use.

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Return & Shipping

Warranty Information

The overwhelming majority of our orders are delivered without any issues. However, due lớn the packing, shipping, & complicated weather conditions across the country. For these rare instances, we offer this 14 Day unique Guarantee khổng lồ all our customers:

Our plants and products are guaranteed to lớn be đứng top quality. They are always well-rooted và disease-free. Please contact us if your plants do not arrive in prime condition. We will either:

Credit thẻ or PayPal refund

Replacement plants (if possible)

This guarantee applies to lớn all plants & products for up to 14 days after delivery.

14 Day quality Guarantee

The quality Guarantee Covers These Issues: 

Root rot (Cuttings & bareroot plants are not included.)

Numerous broken or missing leaves

Incorrect plants or products

Missing plants or products

Visible damage on pots, trays or other accessories

Pest infestation


The quality Guarantee Does Not Cover These Issues:

Dry or wilted bottom leaves

Potting soil on leaves

Minor color/ shape differences from image in the product listings

Assorted products that differ from product image

Extreme neglect & disregard of included care instructions

Purchase of incorrect products due lớn customer error.


Please Note:

Packages must be retrieved và opened within 24 hours of delivery lớn qualify for returns, refunds, or store credit.

If the tracking information for your order shows a "delivered" status, but you have not actually received your order, liên hệ us within 48 hours to qualify for replacements or refunds.

Photos of all damaged plants are required for any replacements or refunds.

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Only the replacement plant(s) will be included in a replacement shipment. We will not add any additional plants khổng lồ a replacement shipment. No substitutions will be sent; any replacements will match the original plant variety. Replacement option cannot be combined with store credit option.

Returns and Refunds

What to bởi if there"s an issue with your order:

If you have any issue covered by our guarantee, please connect with us within 14 days of delivery.

Where lớn connect with us?

Our social media.

Note: We will respond khổng lồ your message within 24 hours.

What you need to provide to us:

Your order number

A mô tả tìm kiếm of the issue

Some photos of the package or products

Full refunds will be issued if your order is returned undamaged within 14 days of delivery.

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The customer is responsible for return shipping fees và any damage that occurs during transit.