With LipIce Sheer Color, you can now protect your lips while making them look beautiful. LipIce Sheer màu sắc is a lip balm that mysteriously turns from white lớn pink, on application. LipIce Sheer màu sắc comes with:

Natural Beeswax that nourishes and replenishes your lipsNatural Olive Oil that softens và keeps your lips moisturizationVitamin A, C and E with deep moisture that keep the lips soft, supple & fresh

Price : Rs 195





What I lượt thích about Lipice Sheer màu sắc Natural Lip Conditioner:

It’s a clear lip balm that turns pink when applied on lips. It’s like a conditioning lip stain. With 2-3 swipes you get the natural pink colour on your lips và with a few more swipes, you can get bright pink lips. This would work differently for different people depending on how pigmented your lips are.It comes in a twist up tube packaging so, it’s hygienic to use.It’s not waxy or greasy. It goes on as a soft glossy pink lip balm on lips. After an hour or so, the glossiness fades but the pink lip stain stays on your lips. Your lips looks naturally pink.Unlike the regular lip stains, it does not dry your lips. It rather conditions them.You can also apply it on đứng đầu of your lipstick khổng lồ get a hint of colour và soft glossy effect on your lips.Doesn’t have funny smell or taste .Great for days when you don’t want lớn look too made up.The lip stain stays on your lips for around 2 hours and then it starts lớn fade. It doesn’t fade completely I feel the need to reapply it after around 2 hours.A great hàng hóa for students or for people who are not too comfortable using lipsticks.The stain fades evenly without looking patchy or uneven.

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What I don’t lượt thích about Lipice Sheer màu sắc Natural Lip Conditioner:

Considering it is a part of lipice range, I was expecting it to have that same cooling effect that lipice lip balms have.It does not have any cooling effect.I wish it had SPF.I wish the same concept was available in a variety of shades.I have to use either olive oil or Maybelline Eyes và Lips remover to get rid of the stain completely.

Here are the swatches on the lipice sheer màu sắc natural lip conditioner.

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top : swiped 6-7 times (brighter), bottom - swiped 2-3 times (natural pink)

And here is how it looks on me after 2-3 swipes.

lipice sheer màu sắc natural lip conditioner FOTD (natural)

And on applying more, it gives brighter shade of pink.

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lipice sheer màu sắc natural lip conditioner FOTD (brighter)

Overall, I totally love this lip conditioner. I am so addicted to lớn it that I think I’d end up using up the full tube within a month only. Totally worth every penny.

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