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Lip B (Light In Pandora Box) is a four-thành viên Vietnamese girl group signed under 6th Sense Entertainment. They debuted on May 11, năm nhâm thìn with the single ‘Love sầu You Want You’.

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Members Profile:Annie


Annie Facts:– She worked as a professional dancer prior to lớn debut.– She has appeared as a dancer in several other V-Pop artists’ music videos including Đông Nhi, Minc HằngNoo Phước Thịnh.– Her talents are drawing, singing và khiêu vũ.– Annie had to go on a short hiatus from the group in 2018 due to lớn a leg injury.– She is part of a singing duo with Duy Ngoc from The Wings



Yori Facts:– She had a career as a Model prior to debut.– She attented Trường Chinc High School.– Her talents are acting, playing piano & guitar, and singing.– She is fluent in Japanese.– In May, 2019 she debuted as a solo artist in nhật bản with the mini album ‘Love sầu You Want You’.– She is an actress and has been cast in the film Bookworm Beauty, a Vietnamese và Tnhì co-production film mix lớn be released in 2021.



Liz Facts:– She is a former thành viên of dance group ST.319– She was added khổng lồ Lip B in November 2019 after former thành viên Mei left the group.– She attended Vietphái nam National University – University of Languages and International Studies.– Her talents are dance, rap, acting, cooking and laughing.

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Rosy Facts:– She was added to lớn Lip B in August 2018 after former member Na Whan left the group.– Her talents are singing and telling jokes.– She was a student at the Vietphái mạnh University of Military Arts & Culture, where she studied vocal arts.

Former Members:Na Whan


Na Whan Facts:– She can speak Korean, Vietnamese, English, Mandarin and Japanese.– Her nickname is Jeidi.– She has appeared in music videos by Đông Nhi, Noo Phước ThịnhUni5.– It was announced in August 2018 that Na Whan would be leaving the group and returning to Korea due to health issues.

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Mei Facts:– She has worked as a professional performer since 2014.– She featured as a rapper on Đông Nhi‘s single ‘Boom Boom’ prior khổng lồ Lip B’s debut.– Mei announced that she would be leaving the group in November 2019 as she wanted lớn live a regular life with her family.– She is currently working as a dance & yoga instructor.

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