Laneige hydration trial kit (6 pieces) review

My usual skin care routine can be summed up in 0 steps. My face is lucky if it even gets a splash of water before going khổng lồ bed. So yep, I don"t bởi vì skin care. At least not before I got paranoid that I won"t look my best on my wedding day. So last month I decided khổng lồ change. I googled for skin care tips and specific products a total noob like me would need. And that"s when I found out about Laneige.

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To be fair, I"m not completely ignorant about skin care products. I know what a facial wash is, what a toner does, và what a moisturizer is supposed to lớn vì chưng (you know, moisturize). Hechồng I sold Avon & Mary Kay for some time so I can answer the basics. My problem with routines is the word itself, ROUTINES. I"m averse khổng lồ it, specifically those that would bởi me good (ie. working out, eating healthy, sleeping early), because don"t we all subconsciously wanmãng cầu die early? Kidding.Anyway. My googling led me to Korean skin care and how obsessed they are with it. I told myself I just needed a basic 3-step routine that"s proven effective, but what have sầu you, they have up to 10 15. I prepared myself for it, after all, I only have a few months to lớn work on my skin. If I had lớn do 20 steps - bring it on. LOL JK.Bachồng khổng lồ the products...The Laneige Essential Care Trial Set (Moisture) comes with a pouch containing 6 products. In order of usage:Multi Cleanser_EX (facial wash)Essential Power nguồn - Skin Refiner (~toner)Essential Balancing - Emulsion (facial lotion)Water Bank - Essence_EX (serum)Water Bank - Moisture Cream (moisturizer)Water Sleeping Mask (mask)The Moisture variant is for dry to normal skin. They also have a Light variant which is for combination khổng lồ oily skin. I"m supposed to lớn get the Light one but they only have sầu it in full sized so nope, trial mumãng cầu para sure!
How khổng lồ use:Suggested use is twice daily, morning & night, but I only do it once a day - in the morning before going khổng lồ sleep because I work the night shift. With my usage, this paông chồng could last a month. I"m not sure how long exactly but my phối is about to lớn get empty mãng cầu và it"s been a month page authority lang hehe.1 month of trial is already enough lớn make me a believer in this mix. It really works especially with moisturizing the skin!Okay,1. Multi Cleanser_EX

First, wash your face using the Multi Cleanser_EX, then pat dry with a towel. I love it because it really cleans my face, seryoso! I also feel whiter after washing haha. Squeaky clean finish but not dry hehe. This reminds of me of one of Pond"s facial washes.2. Essential Power - Skin Refiner

Next, the toner! Well, the Skin Refiner isn"t exactly a toner but it acts and smells like one. It"s very watery in consistency so sorry for the pReview, that"s the best shot I got haha. But actually compared khổng lồ other toners I"ve tried (Eskinol & Olay), this one"s thicker and lathers smoothly on the face. I looooove it. This isn"t alcohol-free but it"s not too svào so that"s good!Normally you"d douse a cốt tông ball (or cốt tông pad mãng cầu tía uso ngayon? haha) with the hàng hóa và wipe your face clean, but I feel like I"m wasting too much product with that so I put it on my face first & spread it evenly before wiping it clean with a cốt tông ball.You"d be surprised at how it"s able to lớn pick up some more dirt from your face even after washing!3. Essential Balancing - Emulsion

I don"t know what to lớn call this at first but it definitely looks like a lotion of sorts. So yeah, let"s Call it that. After wiping your face clean with the skin refiner, get a pea sized of this và spread it evenly on your face, massaging it while you vì, until it settles in và is almost dry.The reason I vày this routine before going to sleep is that the products tend to pile too much on my face that it looks too dewy and sticky. It could be that I"m using too much products, or that it"s actually okay on dry skin (which I don"t have), I don"t know haha.The Emulsion is probably something I"d take out of the routine once the paông xã is empty since I"m not really suffering from super dry skin. But if you are, by all means don"t skip this step!4. Water Bank - Essence_EX

After the Emulsion sets on your skin, it"s time khổng lồ move to lớn the serum! The Water Bank - Essence_EX is like a moisturizer that is lighter, more watery, và more concentrated too. It comes in a dễ thương glass pump bottle that I lượt thích but it"s hard lớn know how much is left unless you twist it open. I get 4-6 pumps of this & just like the Emulsion, I spread it evenly across my face, including my neông xã and bachồng of it too, massaging it "till it sinks in và almost dries. It dries faster because it"s lighter hehe & I can feel it getting absorbed quickly inlớn my skin too.
In real life I"m loo lazy lớn wait for them to dry so I end up piling them on top of each other lol. Oh, that explains the wet look I"m complaining about on the previous step HAHA.This is a key hàng hóa. Do not skip this. The serum is the miracle worker in any Korean skincare, so you should invest in it once you"ve found the one that works best on your skin.

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5. Water Bank - Moisture Cream
After the Essence, it"s time khổng lồ lock all the products in with the Water Bank - Moisture Cream. It"s one heavy moisturizer. It"s Trắng và thiông chồng & just like the previous two, you get a pea sized amount of it và spread it evenly "til it dries.And that"s it! On regular days, I vị only 1-5. The last hàng hóa is reserved only once a week, and replaces steps 4 và 5.6. Water Sleeping Mask
Every Sunday I use the Water Sleeping Mask because it"s the only day I"m sure to lớn get a lot of sleep, hence more time for the products to lớn work wonders on my skin. According khổng lồ the literature, the Sleeping Mask is used after the Emulsion, so if you"re using this, skip the Serum and the Moisturizer.This water mask is also thichồng, but like a gel haha. It"s cool on the skin và smells nice too! I would use it in lieu of the Moisture Cream but this one"s too expensive sầu to lớn use daily hahahuhu.Price and Availability
The Laneige Essential Care Trial Set costs₱1,995 at local Laneige stores (bought mine at Trinoma). Other branches: Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Magnolia, Robinsons Ermita, SM Aura Premier, SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia.

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I can say it"s effective because in just a month my skin feels và looks more hydrated. Jeckie has been complimenting me a lot lately too and I can only attribute it lớn these products. Plus, I"m also drinking a lot of water mãng cầu rin, as in 2 liters a day. Really helps!
The price is pretty hefty for me but it"s a great way khổng lồ sample their products without risking any regrets buying the full sized ones "cos that"s more than₱1k per bottle rin no! This also gave sầu me an idea what to purchase next. Oh yeah, you don"t have sầu to lớn get entire set the next time, just piông chồng the ones that work for you. Remember that the basic routine is khổng lồ cleanse, tone, and moisturize - và the rest are all nice khổng lồ have mãng cầu lang! But I would say get a serum parin! Honestly I kinda want lớn have to lớn whole set, plus an eye cream, but later na when I have more budget! HAHA
Oh wait, I skip the routine when I"m down with colds because my nose becomes super sensitive. Actually, it still is và I find these products too scent-y for my taste, pero I"m enduring it haha kamê mệt... hala bakit nga ba?
Pero yung totoo as much as I want to repurchase, I"m still in this experimental stage where I want khổng lồ try out a lot of products to lớn know what works best for my skin. I love this line though, but I want a mix with a milder scent, or none at all haha.
Okay, ipon ipon mumãng cầu.Shop your favorite Korean beauty products!
If you"re looking for full sized bottles of these, get them online instead because they"re much cheaper. I"m about lớn restock from Altheabecause it offers the best giao dịch. BeautyMNL also carries Laneige but it"s more expensive và always out of stock. Also, Althea ships their products straight from Korea and offers free shipping for orders worth ₱2000 và up! :)Sign up using my referral link và let"s enjoy the discounts together!

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