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The promotional clip for this Layering Cover Cushion sold me so quickly – I am a total Lee Sungkyung fangirl (though who doesn’t find that lady absolutely charming?) và I’m also a huge fan of Laniege products. In fact, their Whitening cushion is one of my HG products, along with IOPE, & I’ve lost count of how many of them I already have. I even developed a habit of collecting their limited edition holiday cases which is… perhaps a little detrimental to my wallet.

Either way, I was super keen lớn try out this cushion but, since it is a fairly new release, I hadn’t found many places online that sold it – and the new Sephora release in nước australia only included the traditional cushion. When I was looking through the StyleKorean website though, I saw that they had it in stock and I jumped at the chance to đánh giá this!

Since I received this product close to lớn the time I was going overseas, I actually brought this cushion with me on holidays và I used it while I was there (including cold new york weather, hot Floridian weather và even the freezing in Canada). I was really surprised at how well it had held up and, regardless of the mixed reviews that I’ve seen for this product, Laneige still remains at the vị trí cao nhất of my list!

This cushion is selling on StyleKorean for USD$25.12 (on sale from USD$35.89). At the moment, only two of the shades are available (#13 và #11, so the paler shades) but the full, internationally available range consists of 8 shades – which is incredible for a Korean cushion!

So, click onto their trang web if you’d lượt thích to get the hàng hóa yourself or read on lớn see my reviews first!


Product Description

This is a pretty quality concept & I believe that Laniege (or Amore Pacific) is the first lớn come out with the duo cushion compact. According khổng lồ the official website, it is described as: ‘Complete Match of Cushion and Concealer. The 2-in-1 Layering Cover Cushion, Provides Perfectly Brightened & Anti-darkening Long-lasting finish’.

Essentially, this sản phẩm has two components – both of which has rather extreme claims: there is the standard bb cream/foundation cushion side & a matching concealer side. They have different finishes (semi-matte and dewy) so, according khổng lồ how you apply it, you are supposed lớn get different results. The below information is from the Laneige website:

Core Concealing Base with high cover and long-lasting effect with SPF 50+ PA+++

Aqua Melting Technology

The texture, which softly melts by the pressure of the cushion tư vấn material of the high cover stick concealer and by the temperature of the skin, applies softly và closely on the skin. (This doesn’t make much sense to me but I think it means that the concealer formula has good adherence and melts to lớn your skin according lớn temperature)

Special sponge support material for even application

The specially made fine pore tư vấn material expresses perfect cover base without clumps by discharging an appropriate amount consistently.

Rose-toned coloring with Vitality Cover, Layering Cover Cushion SPF 34 PA++Layering Cover Cushion

Illuminating Jewel Powder

The jewel powder with pink lighting effect upon application expresses a revitalized complexion even after high cover by accentuating the definition.

Water Capture System for makeup & skin protection

Ingredients such as French sparkling water, hydro ion mineral water, and lychee fruit extract keep the skin moisturized và soothed by providing a moisture-full cooling effect to the skin with each tap.



The sản phẩm comes in a box very similar khổng lồ the other cushions with luxe foil effect & a subtle pattern on the side (which I adore), but with a clear difference – it is all rose gold! The design of it is very clean & simple, but also impressive – Laneige is good at packaging in that their products always look expensive but also modern và youthful. My only complaint is that it doesn’t come in a refill!

Onto the cushion compact then, it has a similar elegance to lớn it that I expect from Laneige cushions but it is also very different lớn the others that they have released. This case has a smooth, rounded egg shape khổng lồ accomodate for this chất lượng puff thiết kế (more on that later) & comes in a really pretty rose gold colour. From my knowledge, they haven’t released a case in this colour before – except for the limited edition ones that came with the recent Whitening cushion release – so its good for separating this hàng hóa from everything else.

Overall, I rather lượt thích the case. I think that their rounded cases do look more attractive, but this is also well designed, interesting and elegant. The unique is, as always, great and I have had no issue with carrying it around everywhere và chucking it into my bag. I think that a more generic colour might be better (or example, if this were a little more gold và less pink) but that’s a personal preference!


As is advertised for this product, there are two sides to this cushion – on the back of the lid (on the left) is the concealer which is thinner & more dense, & the other side (which has a standard sponge) houses the foundation/base product. This product comes with the refill already in and I’m unsure if they are selling seperate refills for this as of right now.

One of the most interesting things about this cushion is actually the puff – và I usually skip over talking about puffs because they’re generally very similar. This one is egg shaped like the case (see below) & actually has two sections. According khổng lồ instructions, the larger bottom section is khổng lồ be used on base foundation like a standard puff. The top triangular section of it, however, is made of a velvet material (much like a couch) và is khổng lồ be used for concealer. Supposedly, the shape of this makes it so that you can tap in concealer with the tips of your fingers.

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Personally, I think that the kiến thiết of this is alright – but I’m not a fan. I often use puffs khổng lồ blend in my concealer anyways, so I don’t understand why a different texture is needed. I don’t see any real difference between using the two sides. It is also a bit awkward lớn apply the base foundation without getting the product all over the ‘concealer’ section, so I started to lớn flip the puff around instead for better control. That works best for me.

The website also warns that: “Due to lớn the finer pore form size compared lớn the general puff, it might be difficult khổng lồ remove the contaminants, so vày not wash the puff but replace it with a new puff instead.”


Formula & Claims

As I mentioned earlier, this product has two different finishes and, according khổng lồ how you use them, it is possible khổng lồ adjust it to lớn what your skin needs. For a dewy finish use the cushion, for a semi-matte finish use the concealer side (which would also result is higher coverage) or if you’d lượt thích both then simply layer them – which ever formula to use on đứng top will determine what type of finish your biến hóa leans towards. You can also get clearer information about this on the Laneige page.

This formula also claims to lớn be able khổng lồ even out skin texture, be sweat proof (which I did demo successfully in Florida weather) and to give up to 12 hour wear, along with the usual brightening effect. I definitely think that they deliver on most of these claims. However, I think that 12 hour of wear (without cảm ứng up) would be pushing it. I bởi have combination skin và most foundations break up later in the afternoon for me but this one, similar to the other Whitening cushion that I love so much, fades very evenly.

And here’s some quick points on the formula:


Semi-matte finishMedium coverage that can be easily built upBlends well into skinNot drying under the eyesAverage lasting power nguồn – will need to lớn be touched up during the day


Very, very dewy and natural looking finishLight coverage that evens out skin tone but won’t cover blemishes – can be built up to a medium coverageMakes skin look smoother & radiantNeeds to lớn be phối with a powder – as with all dewy foundations, this can transfer and slip if you cảm biến your faceFeels lightweight on your skinFades naturally during the day with no caking, & is easy khổng lồ touch up

I have swatches of it below on my hand và on my face – which uses both sides of the cushion. Because I photographed it under a light, it will seem lượt thích the colour is way too bright from my skin tone but 21 actually matches me fairly well. There is definitely flashback on this cushion because of the SPF. I don’t mind that as I will always be using high SPF products anyway, but it is something lớn keep in mind.


Using this cushion for nearly a month now, I definitely like it. I find that the formula works similarly on my skin as with their other cushions, but is much dewier than I usually use from them – the finish is closer to my moisture cushion from IOPE. I also think that the two sided concealer/base idea is really innovative & smart, so I have to lớn applaud the brand for that.

However, with a new product will also come issues. After around a month of use, I feel lượt thích my cushion is starting to dry up already. I can still use it, but the concealer sponge is taking more effort lớn work with already. I wonder whether it is because there isn’t enough product in that smaller sponge or if the new velvet applicator isn’t working as well as it should? The base sponge is fine though. I bởi wish that they did the textured sponge lượt thích they have in their other cushions!

Colour-wise, 21 is a good match for me và I lượt thích that Laniege have been bringing out a wider colour range for their international audience. However, I had a feeling that only shades 11 – 23 would be available in Asia & I bởi vì wish that they push to lớn stock more there.

The product mô tả tìm kiếm also mentions a lot about having a ‘rose gold’ tone to lớn make the skin look more vibrant but I don’t think that I see what they mean with this. There is definitely a slight pink undertone khổng lồ the shade that I’m using (as you can see above) but I don’t know if this is carried out in all colours. It seems a bit counter intuitive if it is.

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Anyway, so here’s the verdict!


A dual cushion compact with both concealer & base make up


Interesting và pretty egg shaped caseInnovative conceptMinimal scent và no break outs or clogged poresFades naturally during the day‘Customizable’ finish between dewy và semi-matteBuilding coverage in both formulasConcealer isn’t drying under the eyesHandy during the day & easy khổng lồ touch up


No refillConcealer sponge seems to lớn dry quicklyNeeds khổng lồ be mix (dewy finish can transfer)Puff concept (with the velvet tip) can take some getting used toPuff is also hard lớn clean





I love Laneige cushions và even when I saw the mixed nhận xét about this cushion, I had to get it và I knew that I would love it. Their products just work really well with my skin so this doesn’t surprise me at all. I think that there are areas where this hàng hóa can be improved, but that this is very interesting and I hope that the dual compact idea really kicks off.

I would recommend this cushion primarily to lớn people with combination or dry skin – people will oily skin will likely find the dewiness difficult to work with. If you also lượt thích the traditional Laneige cushions, then it is likely that you will also really like this. Definitely check it out, even if it is only for the novelty of it!


If you want to lớn get your hands on the Layering Cover Cushion it is selling on StyleKorean for USD$25.12. You can also click the below banner khổng lồ go to lớn their homepage and kiểm tra out everything else that they have on offer: