Carolyn"s lavender garden: is it effective? review: the 3


Vitamin booster with 92.5% super berry extracts that have sầu clarifying effects, giving you a brighter complexion



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Extracts from acerola cherry và acai berries, super berries with four times’ anti-oxidizing effects of Vitamin C, prsự kiện skin from oxidizing to help you achieve sầu a healthier appearance.

Clear C,'s original essence, contains Melacrusher & super berry extracts, components with 3.5 times’ brightening effect when used together for bright, clear skin.

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The water-type formula is quickly absorbed by skin as it moisturizes. Unlike most water-based essence, the container comes with a pump that makes it easier khổng lồ dispense.

Essence on the wave-patterned surface of the cosmetic cotton và gently wipe skin khổng lồ even và smoothen the surface in preparation for makeup.

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Up↑(①): Start at the center of your chin & wipe upward toward your temple.Down↓(②~③): Wipe the cotton pad at the center of your forehead toward your temple. Next, wipe down from your forehead toward your jaw. Do the same process on both sides of the face.

Down↓(①~②): Wipe down over the ridge of the nose & nostrils lớn clean the blackheads and excessive sầu sebum for an even complexion.Up↑(③): Wipe up from your neông xã toward the face to stimulate blood circulation, helping you maintain a vibrant look throughout the day.

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Dispense the essence on the smooth, thiông xã side of the cosmetic cotton pad & pat gently along your face lớn promote absorption of the formula, helping skin stay moisturized all night.

Pat the face with a damp cosmetic cốt tông from the center of the face và out lớn help clear C essence’s anti-oxidizing formula seep into lớn skin.① tart at the center of your chin & move upward as you pat your skin with the damp cốt tông. Repeat the same process on the other side of the face.② Gently pat the forehead lớn promote absorption.

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