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Klipsch is arguably one of the most popular consumer audio speaker manufacturers around. This American br& has designed và manufactured some awesome speakers over the years but has never released a wireless speaker. The Klipsch Heritage Wireless Three is, as far as I’m aware, the brands first wireless speaker and they have done an outstanding job. The Three is so good in fact that it made it inkhổng lồ second place on our best WiFi speakers of 2020. Let’s take a look at why The Three is so awesome & why it’s one of the must-have WiFi speakers of 2020.

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Klipsch The Three Specs

LF Driver:
5¼” + 2 x 5¼” bass radiators
HF Driver:
2 x 2¼” high-frequency full-range drivers
Power Output:
60W RMS 80W Peak
Frequency Response:
45Hz – 20kHz
13.7” x 7” x 8”
USB, AUX, RCA (switchable line/phono), WiFi, Bluetooth

Klipsch The Three Design

The Three is not just a bookshelf speaker but also a beautiful piece of decor. The most striking features are the Three’s wood veneer, copper switches, and knobs which give the speaker a retro look & feel. The front, back, and sides are covered with a single piece of woven acoustic fabric which adds to the vintage aesthetic. Every part of the Three is made using premium parts which is what we have sầu come khổng lồ expect & appreciate from Klipsch.

Looking under the hood and we see a 5¼-inch low-frequency driver coupled with 2 x 5¼-inch bass radiators lớn cover the low-kết thúc while 2 x 2¼-inch full-range drivers produce the upper mids và highs. The system is bi-amped & professionally tuned by Klipsch technicians lớn deliver a premium listening experience. My thoughts on the sound later in this Đánh Giá.


Audio Inputs

The Three features inputs for just about every device, including a turntable. Physical inputs include ⅛-inch AUX, USB, and RCA which can be switched between line or phono. For turntables, Klipsch has even included a ground connection. For wireless, you have sầu the option of both WiFi và Bluetooth không dây which is great since most wireless speakers only have sầu one or the other.

If you’re an Alexa user, then you’ll be pleased to know The Three is compatible with all Amazon Emang đến devices. These will have sầu khổng lồ be purchased separately as The Three does not have Alexa built-in.


Controlling The Three

There are three ways you can control the speaker, via remote, the Heritage App or the onboard controls. Onboard controls are simple which include on/off, input selection, and volume. The input đầu vào selector & volume controls are tactile brass knobs which have a firm but smooth action while the on/off switch is a vintage dip switch.

The Three comes with a remote which features LED adjustment, play/pause, traông chồng skip next/previous, mute, and separate buttons for each input đầu vào.

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To play music from your favorite streaming services, you’ll need lớn download the Klipsch Heritage tiện ích which is available for Android và iOS devices.

The Three With Google Assistant

If you have sầu a Google trang chủ set up, you’ll be pleased to know you don’t have sầu to lớn settle for Alexa. Klipsch also offers The Three with Google Assistant. The speaker has a built-in microphone so you don’t need an external device lớn use Google Assistant. There is a mute function should you wish lớn shut down Google Assistant và prsự kiện the ứng dụng from “listening in”. In addition, the speaker has built-in Chromecast allowing you to lớn stream from your favorite services from any device.

There are a couple of downsides khổng lồ The Three with Google Assistant. One, unlượt thích the standard Model, the Google Assistant Model doesn’t come with a remote. And the second is the speaker only offers a single đầu vào which is WiFi. This means if you want all those inputs and a remote, The Three with Google Assistant won’t be the right model for you.

The Sound

The Three delivers 60W RMS with an 80W peak which is a significant amount of power for a speaker of this size. Even at high volumes, The Three performs brilliantly with no breakup or distortion. If you like to play your music loud, you’ll be impressed with the volume of The Three. There is certainly enough power to fill most living spaces.

One of the most impressive sầu elements of The Three’s sound is its performance in the low-kết thúc. The bass is tight và punchy without ever overpowering the rest of the frequency spectrum. The mid-range is well-balanced delivering excellent clarity for vocals and instruments. The two full-range drivers bởi a great job with the upper mids & highs delivering surprisingly good detail & intelligibility. Overall, The Three is a fun, exciting speaker lớn listen lớn. Perfect for music lovers of all kinds. Even if you’re an audiophile who’s very particular about sound, you’ll appreciate the quality The Three delivers for a mass-produced wireless speaker.


What’s in the Box?

Included with the Klipsch Heritage Wireless Three:

Klipsch The Three wireless speaker ⅛” AUX cable USB type B khổng lồ USB type A cable Wireless remote control Power nguồn cord


The Three has got it all. Great sound, beautiful looks, and chất lượng parts. Exactly what you would expect from a premium brvà like Klipsch. The speaker is also surprisingly powerful. If you live sầu in an apartment or dorm, you’ll definitely make enough noise khổng lồ disturb your neighbors. On the standard model, having so many options for inputs means you can plug all your physical devices in and leave sầu the speaker in place. At just 10 lbs, The Three is easy to lớn move around the house should you wish lớn. The only disappointment is The Three with Google Assistant which doesn’t come with a remote control & all the additional inputs.

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At just under $500, The Three is well priced for a premium WiFi speaker. The standard Model is available in ebony or ivory while the Google Assistant mã sản phẩm comes in walnut or matte blaông chồng.

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